Diecast's intensely forged sound has evolved over the five years since the nucleus of the band first formed. Originally part of Boston's underground hardcore scene, their output has matured into a mind-blowing composite of metal, rock and hardcore idioms. After a wild succession of 17 guitarists, the current line-up has been carved in stone for over two years now, with each and every member seriously smoldering on their acclaimed 2001 full-length release Day of Reckoning on Now Or Never Records.

Produced by Paul Trust (Endo, Crease), the album brilliantly gives voice to Diecast's genre bending, crossover cacophony of powerhouse riffs, breakdowns and vocal hooks. It has won across-the-board raves from metal and hardcore aficionados alike. CMJ editor Amy Sciaretto called it "A full-blown, methamphetamine laced, mainstream metalcore jewel." Of the crushing track "Singled Out," which spent five weeks at #1 on the tastemaker trade's Loud Rock chart, she said it "Sounds perfect for commercial airplay without sacrificing any moshpit sincerity."

In other kudos, criticalmetal.com's Tom Edmondson wrote, "This is one of those transcendent releases. It goes beyond the expectations or limitations of the genre that this band is classified under…people into various styles of Metal can all come together on this one." Noted critic Shaun Terrorizer testifies that "The onslaught produced from this album is unlike any I've experienced in recent history. This band spans the spectrum from the heaviest breakdowns imaginable to the catchiest vocal melodies that you would expect from heavy top 40 radio. The drumming is a lesson in precision and brutality, and the guitar work has the accuracy…of any metal album you have heard to date." Many critics make awestruck mention of Costa's ass-kicking drums. The only metal drummer to play with the traditional grip, he also has the distinction of going barefoot--"I love playing fast double bass, and barefoot, I can feel the complicated patterns," he explains.

The band feels that -- in addition to their unshod sticks man-- the aggressively contrasting elements of their uncompromising, peak decibel sound do indeed set them apart. Vocalist Colin Schleifer notes that "There's a clash between the dynamics of melodic singing and raw screaming that keeps it from being monotonous." To step it up even more, the intensity of Schliefer's vocals are given ballast by the fact that he writes all the lyrics on songs that range from the personal to the political. "I can't sing about what I don't know about. I need to feel it, otherwise it's contrived, and gratuitous." He adds that, along with primary writing partner Jonathan Kita -- who weighs in on the riffs--"We try to make each song sound completely different."

Every band member has input into the creative process however, and all agree it's not a Diecast song until everyone is happy with it, however long that might take. One of the hardest working groups anywhere, their all-for-one and one-for-all mindset has kept this committed gang of five together through the rigors of incessant touring. Diecast played upwards of 150 shows in 2001, connecting with their audiences has kept it all worthwhile though -- "We understand why some bands break up," says bassist Jeremy Wooden, "but when kids come up and say 'You guys are awesome,' we're ready to do it all over again the next day." Diecast has been known to be ready to do it again even sooner than that, playing impromptu encores at the occasional after-show gathering in a fan's basement.

While never ruling out a house party, 2002 sees the road opening up for Diecast. With stage presence to burn, they are currently booked by Evolution Talent Agency, and have opened shows for Alice Cooper, The Cult, and Chimaira, as well as completed a national tour supporting Slayer and Hatebreed. Diecast has just joined the ranks of bands including Linkin Park, Godsmack, Korn and Staind as part of Ibanez' Product Endorsement/Sponsorship program. They have been nominated for a prestigious Boston Music Award in the 'Best Hard Rock Act' category, a prize previously won by Aerosmith, Boston, Staind and Powerman 5000, among others. When Diecast was chosen as Hot Band of the Month by streetwise.com in January, they racked up an amazing quarter-million hits back to their homepage after only a week's time.

Diecast's fantasy is to make it big without sacrificing their music. Given the massively positive response to their unique sonic assault thus far, their wish will soon be a command. In the words of their own signature track, this is one band sure to be "Singled Out."

A mixture of Pantera, punk, beer, guns and bullets. Have fun.

Joe Hansell - Vocals
Joey Ascione - Guitars
Jimmy Carter - Drums
Mike Bove - Bass

Already Dead

Straight outta chuck NorristowN! Already DeaD comprised of Dann "Goat" Romano (Orcus/ex-Dying Angel) Mike Romano (Causatum), Brandon Biggins (President of Philadelphia Beard & Mustache Club), and Mike Gebhart play an intense style of Heavy Metal/Hardcore.
Formed in '09 Goat and Mike R. spent time constructing the most ferocious songs and found the best guys to accompany them on their quest for down tuned domination.

Lowdown 302

Lowdown is a Hard Rock/Metal band from Wilmington DE started in 1997, reincarnated in 2006. Lowdown brings to their crowds a thrilling, high energy and highly entertaining live show consisting of both covers and original tunes. 13 song album "Erase the Memories" is available on iTunes and at www.lowdown302.lcom

Brent Johnson - Vocals/Guitar
Larry Dubin - Bass/Vocals
Matt Bernardo - Drums
Rob Williams - Guitar

The Last Valorians

In the spring of 2011, The Newark based, The Last Valorians officially formed and began writing music that combined Heavy influence with harmonic vocals. With various musical influences and personalities, each of the members brings a renewed energy to the hard rock scene and creates a true party atmosphere during their performances.

In a short amount of time, TLV has shared the stage with many of the area's best performers and has become one of the area's premier original hard rock acts. The band is quickly gaining the reputation of a must see live act! The band is celebrating their recent partnership with the US based Inner Light Agency for full artist development and representation. Keep an eye on the band and discover what others already know!!

Rob- Vocals
Chad- Drums
Jon- Guitar
Dustin- Bass
Colton- Guitar


Harbinger is a 5 peice Metalcore band out of Newark, DE.

Harbinger: "a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign."

Check out our single! l Post Modern | https://soundcloud.com/harbingerde/post-modern

Donny Martin -Vocals
Danny Martinez - Guitar
Owen Robinson - Guitar
- Bass
Kyle Hart - Drums



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