Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms

Some bands make lasting impacts by refusing to be subservient to a singular genre, fusing styles and creating music that spans a wide gamut of audible possibility. Hailing from the heartland of America, Omaha-based trio Icky Blossoms unabashedly combine bass-heavy electro, hazy indie pop and indie rock on their upcoming debut, out July 17th on the revered indie label, Saddle Creek.

Comprised of vocalist/keys Sarah Bohling, Tilly and the Wall guitarist and vocalist, Derek Pressnall, and lead guitar/vocalist and acclaimed multimedia artist, Nik Fackler, Icky Blossoms formed through personal friendship and a mutual desire to make a socially conscious, multifaceted art experience. Aurally, the trio creates music that spans from the anthemic to the introverted, chronicling a great variety of the twists and turns of the human condition. Combining dystopian yet warm vocals with rock orchestration and pulsating electronic lines and sampling, Icky Blossoms nod to great subgenres of the past, namely electroclash and dancepunk, while creating songs that are boldly fresh and on the audio vanguard. Icky Blossoms’ unique posturing sparked the interest of esteemed artist and producer Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio, who produced the self-titled debut. With a love for fashion, background in visual arts and an Independent Spirit Award amongst them, the trio strives to integrate short films, avant-garde soundtracking projects, graphic art and collaborations with couturiers into their formula.

Oh Boy Les Mecs

Electronic and Analog noisesmiths informed by: science fiction-forests- Northern lights-night swims in the ocean-future past present perfect dreamscapes- impulse narcotic purchases (no return policy)- and alien sightings in the desert (or the hope thereof).

.blow. is the Interscope Records (Universal Music Group) indie/pop/rock/edm band based in a Los Angeles, California which was formed in 2013 and consists of four (4) members: Award nominated singer and actress, Sohanny (lead vocals), Prozak Morris (EDM DJ, keys, beattar, background vocals and intergalactic beat wizard), Mike Dez (guitars and background vocals) and D$ (drums and the ever present GONG). The music is both futuristic and an ode to the 80s. It’s the New New Wave. Think Talking Heads + The Cars + Missing Persons + EDM.

.blow. while being a so-called “baby band,” is somewhat of an anomaly in that all four members had various and substantial music industry recording, production, and writing careers individually, but after only 2 months of playing together, were signed to a major record label (namely Interscope Records which is the record label home of Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, Maroon 5, and Eminem).
will be releasing their debut single and video at the beginning of August 2013, with their first major label full LP release slated for Q1 2014.

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