The Dubsmith

Crafting a mesmerizing landscape of experimental Dub reggae,
DubSmith creates music that is as atmospheric as it is totally grooveworthy.
A Quick Rundown .

DubSmith's musical accomplishments are too numerous to explore in detail,
but it cant hurt to list them.
DubSmith has been part of the Lines of Oppression,
Playing in places like the Wetlands, in Newyork,
The TLA now Filmore,in Philadelphia, as well as The Pontiac formerlly JC Dobbs, he has played the African American Festivals with
The African Liberation Front,Played with Brother a percussionist.
Dubsmith has worked with the Dub Warrior Timi Tanzania,and he's also opened for Burning Spear,
Black Uhuru, at Muai,The Last Poets, Jah Levi, Ras Pidow, at the Chesnut Cabaret, Dub Syndicate at the Middle East. among others.
DubSmith has spent years crafting his art
and his dedication and hard work have brought us tantalizing beats and awe-inspiring melodies.
Heavenly Bodies
Writing continues for DubSmith day and night.
The music is constant. The creativity never ceases.
DubSmiths continuous writing allows for growth to all his rhythms, new and old.
DubSmith also dubs other artists that are of the same mind.
DubSmith desires nothing more than to present his sounds all over the world.

Bums Lie

Bums Lie is a band that was started out of a love for music that not only makes you feel good, but also leaves the listener with a sense of substance. Bums Lie was took shape and four friends were brought together armed with a Urban reggae sound and a punk attitude. Within a year and a half Bums Lie was opening for reggae legends Culture, and shortly thereafter released their underground classic album First Time Offender. Bums Lie has since opened up for Grammy award winning artist Damien Marley at The Music Farm in Charleston, SC, and Yellowman at Ziggy's in Winston Salem, NC. May 26th 2007 marked the day that Bums Lie released "Why Lie It's For Beer" with Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst, the album went on to get air play at 106.5 The End, and put Bums Lie on the map. In 2008. The Bums recorded a live album at the Visulite Theater in May entitled "Stumbling, and Mumbling", and promoted it on 10.65 The End with live on air performances. Bums Lie ran into King Django, who has played with Rancid, The Slackers, and The Stubborn Allstars, and gave him s CD. Django like it and put us on his label Stubborn Record. Bums Lie went up to New York City this past summer, and did a show with King Django at The Kniting Factory. We all had a great time, and now we are back in the Queen City trying to spread the lies. You can always find us at your local bar. In 2009 Bums Lie has been mixing down their new live album "Stumbling and Mumbling", and playing shows around the area. "Stumbling and Mumbling" was recorded one drunken night at The Visulite Theater in Charlotte, NC, and the crowd was fantastic. We had a great time making the album, and now everyone can feel the excitement of a live Bums Lie Show. In 2011 Bums Lie has been working hard in the Studio and have a new song Uptown that is quickly gaining popularity.

Piper Street Sound

Named in the tradition of Jamaican sound systems, Piper Street Sound's music is based around 899 Piper Street, a studio located in Atlanta, Georgia. All Piper Street Sound productions are overseen by Matt Mansfield with a fluid line-up of backing musicians entitled the Piper Street All-Stars. This in-house approach to music production is based on Jamaican studios/sound systems/imprints like King Tubby's, Lee Perry's Black Ark and Augustus Pablo's Rockers International, wherein music could be written, recorded, remixed multiple times, distributed to various outlets and expressed via the movement of speakers within a single day to the benefit of the daily listener and dancer. Piper Street Sound productions utilize elements and influences from electronic music to international pop and folk musics of all varieties, looking toward the future musically and seeing no major divisions that need be heeded in music genres. Piper Street Sound ties various musical strands together with a distinct intense production style and imbues all with a psychedelic tone and a particular allegiance to the mixing techniques of dub reggae and the rhythms of the Afro-Latin diaspora.
In just the last year Piper Street has produced over 10 albums for a variety of bands from local to national acts, constantly expanding sonically and exploring Dub-Reggae, Afro-Latin music and bass culture in the Atlanta area. As bassist, dub scientist and producer with 1320 Records artist DubConscious, Matt has toured across the US over the last 4 years as well as travelling the south east for the last two years with his electronic dance music trio Flight Risk. But with a good amount of time off the road in 2011 Piper Street dove into the studio work, incorporating a massive stylistic influence from Chicha and the electrifying Cumbia Digital, Nu-Cumbia and Latin Bass sounds. With this burgeoning interest Mansfield
started a blog in 2011 which highlights Matt's diverse musical taste, offering music reviews, suggestions and previews of exclusive mixes and podcasts. After coming to the attention of Rica Chicha, Piper Street Sound was honored with an invitation to join this international artist collective based in Peru and spearheaded by Angel Moriera (Los Shapis). Matt will also be functioning as US manager for this growing group of musicians, DJ's, Culinary experts, painters and craftsmen, with US and South American tours planned for the near future.
Here are some words by one of the longest running and classic Chicha bands from Peru, Los Shapis about Chicha De La Piedmont (April release, BOR) Piper Street's most recent album.

Higher Ground Movement

Higher Ground Movement is all about reaching the highest regions of self awareness, liberation through muzik Word Sound is power as we strive for oneness. Over 2 decades in reggae music, we have shared the stage with Yellowman, Buju Banton, Sizzla, Capleton, Culture, Luciano, Damian & Stephen Marley, Burning Spear, The Wailers, Sister Carol, The Itals, Tony Rebel, Half Pint, and many others. Production work with Ras Attitude, Sas, Leggo Cash, Red Lion, Bushman, Soulmedic, Jah Works, and Luciano. We are a soundsystem as well as a fully functional production studio. With many works to come Boom One Records is handling all distribution. One Love and More Life Raspect

Eclectic Roots Ensemble

Uniting humanity with the melody every single time..... The Eclectic Roots Ensemble began in the winter of 2001 and has played venues all over the southeastern US: The Somber Reptile in Atlanta Ga, Under Couch at Ga Tech in Atlanta, The One Love Club in Athens Ga Rhythm and Brews in Chattanooga TN, The Black Cat at ASU in Boone NC, The Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta Ga, The Natural Mystic Cafe in Asheville NC, Ten High in Atlanta Ga, Greenville SC 1st Night Festivities, The crown Plaza Dancehall in Macon Ga, The Wild Wing in Marietta GA, The Brandyhouse in Buckhead Atlanta, The Local in Chattanooga TN, The Boone Saloon at ASU in Boone NC, CJ's Landing in Atlanta Ga, The Atlanta Carib fest in Atlanta GA, The GA Theatre in Athens GA, The Fox Theatre in Atlanta GA, The Five Spot in Atlanta, The Masquerade in Atlanta GA, The Apache Cafe in Atlanta GA, Tiger Town in Clemson SC, Ziggy's Tavern in Winston Salem NC ERE has made it a point to play only upfull. positive roots rock music. Solid riddims for dancing feet, melodies and lyrics orchestrated to reach out and teach. Reggae music for the 21st century and beyond. Ites!

Boom One Sound System

Boom One Sound System (BOSS) is an American group of songwriters,beat creators,and entertainers out of NC. Formed in 2009,Boom One’s original music includes hints of hip-hop,reggae,soul,glitch and grime but dub is foundation. Fusing the elements of “dope rhymes,dope beats” from hip-hop,heavy bass lines and synthesizing rhythms from electronica music with influences from world music and current events,BOSS has developed an original sound that is all their own. Boom One combines technology with the organic undertones of life in order to capture a new form of music dubbed “future roots.”
Boom One has worked with such artists as the Scientist,Groundation,Hope Massive,Mindelixir,Deathface,Bums Lie,Ginza,DJ Gift and Temple of the Boom.



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