Draztik Presents: A Hip Hop Showcase

Real Soundz

Real Soundz, born out of Denver, Colorado... Dedicated to bringing a bit of Realness in a world that's turning more and more fake as you read this sentence. Our mission is to crush all mainstream influences in our daily lives and bring some personality to this dirtball we call Earth! Fuck all the "bling bling" commercial influences constantly barraging us from every possible angle, from every avenue of media... Fuck the steady stream of 30 second sound bytes destroying our attention spans and brainwashing the weak-minded into thinking they need more Products... Fuck the newscasts reporting the "Truth" in between ads for car insurance... Fuck every scumbag radio rapper telling our kids that money, of all things, is more important than their very lives... Fuck every scumbag radio rapper telling our kids that drug sales and gangbanging are the only ways to come up in this world... Fuck the radio stations that promote that garbage they mistakenly attempt to pass off as Hip Hop... Fuck the brain dead consumers that go spend their cash on mainstream music, thus perpetuatuing the cycle of idiocracy... Fuck you if you disagree. If you're not being true to yourself, you're just being fake, bottom line. If being true to yourself means condoning and promoting the mainstream, might i strongly suggest suicide? REAL SOUNDZ

$10.00 - $12.00

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