Posterra started playing together in the waning months of 2010. Crammed into the living room of a double wide, they came up with a sound of their own. As soon as they had a set list together they started gigging. In less than 6 months they had already shared the stage with Less Than Jake, The Supervillains, The Rival Sons, Tigerweather, and Alias Punch. All of that without so much as a single recorded song. After winning a Battle of the Bands in May, the boys in Posterra cashed in their prize; 3 hours at a local recording studio. The result; a two song live demo. Despite being un-mastered and of average quality, it has been featured on Indie Shuffle and has received radio play in places such as Australia. Posterra began work on a full-fledged, six song EP, in July of 2011. Working with one of Florida's finest mixers and engineers, Brian Robertson, they self produced six songs and sent them off to be mastered by Michael Fuller of Fullersound, inc (Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Eagles, etc). Their debut self-titled EP is due out January 14th, 2012.

The Welzeins

Rusty and Matt met through Craigslist.

They played some tunes, they played in some bands.

But then they found out they were half brothers.

And then they found out their combined dad was a BEAR.

Their DAD was a BEAR.

Matt got the whiskers and the tendency to savagely hit things.

Rusty got the stature and also hibernation superpowers. And he is loud.

They asked the bear his name.

He proclaimed WELZEIN IS MY NAME


So then the two formed the band The Welzeins.

And then they played loud.

Good Morning Love

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