Bill Janovitz (of Buffalo Tom) & Friends, Little Embers, Wormburner, St. Angels

Bill Janovitz (of Buffalo Tom) & Friends

Bill Janovitz is a founding member of the Boston band Buffalo Tom, which formed in 1986 and has released eight albums, appeared on soundtracks, toured the world many times over, and currently enjoy "seasoned veterans" status, with all the baggage and few of the perks that come with it. He is also an author, with his second book, ROCKS OFF: 50 SONGS THAT TELL THE STORY OF THE ROLLING STONES published this summer by St. Martin's Press.

Bill has recently released his fourth solo album, Walt Whitman Mall, named after a real place in his home town of Huntington, Long Island. This is the project he will be supporting at Spike Hill, with some old friends forming the band: Billy Ryan on guitar, Brendan Ryan on keyboards, Matt Lindsey on bass and Neil Nunziato on drums.

Bill will also feature some older Buffalo Tom and solo songs at Spike Hill.

Little Embers

Little Embers is a collaborative effort featuring Theresa Hoffmann & her husband Anthony Rizzo. While she writes the songs, he provides the setting from which the tunes take flight. Influenced by artists such as Wilco, Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams, L.E. has found their own unique style. As a founding member of the critically acclaimed punk band Garden Variety, and best known for his work in Vic Thrill and the Saturn Missile, Rizzo's sensitive, but assertive electric guitar draws upon a rich and varied musical background. Combined with Theresa's ghostly evocative songwriting, the combination is compelling. Theirs is roots music of a decidedly different stripe; the cool fire of their soulful sound has been impressing New York City audiences for some time and Little Embers' presence in the emerging Queens music scene cannot be underestimated.

Conceived and recorded on the industrial railyard fringes of Hoboken, New Jersey, Placed by the Gideons features 10 new hard-charging songs connected by one smoldering thread. The opening track (The Interstate) is a towering narrative that introduces two young and desperate characters on the run, seeking salvation on the road while struggling to make peace with a complicated past. Thus begins a fugitive odyssey through dead-end towns (Peekskill) and into the great american west (Stolen Tags, Breaker Breaker), where the two meet their ultimate fate. Lighter themes like breakups, summertime, and youthful defiance also feature in these characters' travels via catchy powerpop songs (Two Kinds of People, Some Summer) that balance out the album's weightier material.

Released on DIVE Records in June 2010, Placed by the Gideons is the sophomore LP from Wormburner. Their debut album, A Hero's Welcome (2006), was produced by David Lowery, frontman for Cracker and Camper van Beethoven. A 12-song tirade melding smart lyrics with driving guitars and vintage Moog synthesizers, A Hero's Welcome drew stellar reviews and earned Wormburner an enviable schedule of East Coast shows that established their reputation as one of New York City's most bombastic live bands

St. Angels

In 2012, six seasoned rockers, hailing all the way from Queens, started a supergroup called St. Angels. In fact, the group was so super that they were being asked to come back a second time to venues that they hadn't even played yet. The band's sound can only be described as "a kick to the face" & they've got enough booze, cigarettes, & pomade to light any city on fire. Kids, get your Heartguns ready...because there's No Time For Love.



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