PAER is the latest musical collaboration between Kyle Zender (guitar) and Hill Baker (drums, keyboards). The group blends electronic and rock styles with a healthy dose of improvisation.

Tomahawk Fox

We are like a warm fire on a winter's day...if that were translated into sound waves and put through your ears.

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Midnight Vine

Midnight Vine has created a fresh sound within the Denver music scene. Headlining at all the major clubs within the area has given the acoustic rock band a taste of success that perpetually drives the members forward. The acoustic guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, and keyboard create a unique and powerful sound that brings any crowd to life. Every show is a blast, a party, a high-energy event that is unlike any other. Their debut album in 2007 got the band rolling, a 2008 EP showed the world the growth and potential of the band, and in late 2010, a new album will be released. New songs, accompanied by the newly acquired and skillful drummer Brian Estep and smooth bassist Scott Knoll, show the evolving tastes and talents of the crew.



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The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location