Vermont Joy Parade

Vermont Joy Parade

The Vermont Joy Parade is a seven piece ensemble featuring banjo, trumpet, accordion/piano, guitar, upright bass and drums/percussion, playing a fervent and eclectic blend of Americana, indie-rock, old-time, country blues, dixieland, Cajun, jug, and klezmer known as "all-time music" or "suspender fusion". Their alchemical blend of alternately rambunctious and soulful tunes has been received with enthusiasm by people from all walks of life all over America and Europe.

Since 2008, they've conducted five critically acclaimed national American tours on their waste vegetable oil powered buses and two buzz worthy tours of Central Europe with a documentary film maker. Some of their notable performances include Bonnaroo Music Festival (Tennessee 2009), Brooklyn's notorious Danger Parties (New York 2010), Discover Jazz Festival (Vermont 2011), Frankfurt's famous Festhalle (Germany 2011), Köln's Lanxess Arena (Germany 2011) and Antwerp's Lotto Arena (Belgium 2011) for audiences of up to 14,000. The Vermont Joy Parade toured extensively in support of their second album New Anthem in 2012 and established themselves as the most exciting spectacle on the Northeast touring circuit.

The full length documentary film, Vermont Joy Parade: The Clock Tick and the Heartbeat, is premiering at the 2013 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival with the subsequent release in time for their Summer tour.

Wherever they go, it would seem, The Vermont Joy Parade cannot be stopped from making joy, merriment, and the most voluble and exciting music anyplace West of anyplace East. Their vibrant original tunes in addition to their repertoire of rare and popular old-time gems, as well as their endless and incorrigible vaudevillian stage antics make them a show not to be missed. Long live the circus. Long live joy!

Bird Dog

Ben & Nino Chace and Mark Dobbyn grew up in the great state of Rhode Island, drinking coffee milk and eating grinders from an early age. When Ben moved to NY to pursue film at NYU he ran into Paul Defiglia, a rambling North Carolinean living in the room above his in their freshman dorm, who was constantly dropping heavy objects on the floor and making it hard to sleep. After many years spent stumbling around the five boroughs together causing trouble, they finally got a band together to record a song for a friends photography project in 2010. After trekking down to North Caronlin for its vinyl release at a fine art museum in Durham, they decided to enlist the help of their Rhode Island brethren and old college buddy Diamond Dave Christian and make it official. And on the 11th day, Bird Dog was born.

SWF is the songs of Brooklyn artist Stevie Weinstein-Foner, performed by a rotating cast of friends & family. Campfire American rock & roll songs inspired by life in pursuit of truth & freedom.



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