Melt Your Face Monday ft. Red Room Rendevous and Noise Monkey

Red Room Rendevous

Scott Siler and Alex Forsthoff happened to be playing across the street from each other on a Sunday afternoon in 2012. The two collaborated and were immediately amazed by the connection they had. After jamming on and off for a year and a half, the time arose when the duo realized it was now or never to start a musical project. The introduction of some funky ass bass by Kelly Belknap and vocals that Aretha would approve of by Patty Partheymuller solidified the band into a grooving machine. Driven by reggae, dance, funk, and soul music the four musicians have set out on an infinite journey to make their fans dance harder than they ever have before.

Noise Monkey

I think all electronic music should be mushed together into one big perfect synergistic masterpiece and I will be god damned if I don't make that happen before I die.

I love music and I love synthesizers. I plan on making music until I die regardless of the outcome. For me there is simply no other way to be happy.

My dog is pretty good at the midi guitar but he has trouble doing hammer-ons without hitting the note twice. I don't play guitar so I am like, that's all you dude. His name is Scruffalupagus. He sucks ass at acoustic guitar though, I think he needs LFO's to sound good. I honestly dont think most people read this far in my profile but if you're still reading send me a message; I can tell you all about my dog and his inability to contribute positively to my songs these days.

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