Utilizing collected sounds and inspiration derived from nature found throughout his travels around the world, Cualli blends synthesis, sound design and a love for technology, with that feeling of mystery and awe when the sounds of nature hit the ear in just the right way. Having spent time in places such as the Amazon jungle of Peru, the Himalayas of India, the redwoods and sequoias of California, the jungles, coasts, rainforests, waterfalls and volcanos of Kauai, Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica, Cualli possesses a vast reservoir of field recordings and experiences of some of the most amazing places around the world. His passion for music and nature runs deep and through his music, he hopes to inspire and fan the flames of awe, respect, admiration and love for the majesty nature.

Sonic Geometry

Sonic Geometry was founded on the sole principle that technology shouldn’t be a crutch, but a launchpad for the advancement of artistic innovation. Guitarist/producer Andy Beyer weaves a deeply musical soundscape while percussionist Jasper Drisko fills the grooves with driving rhythms that infuse the music with explosive energy. The duo sets a new standard for what an audience should expect from live electronic music, bearing influences from classic rock, jazz, and contemporary electronic music. Sonic Geometry has appeared at events and festivals around the United States, and can be heard most recently on Street Ritual Recordings.


I started producing music in 2009, and I've been doing live performances for about a year which started in 2011. I've been given many opportunities to play shows through Ovrdub Electronic Entertainment. I'm also releasing my first EP with Glitch Face Records a subdivision of Beats 4DJS Records, a label based in Japan.

I try to make as unique of sounds as possible. I started out producing dubstep and electro house, but soon gravitated toward glitch hop. The circle of fifths and all other music theory is the basis of my music. My goal is to take electronic music to a melodic level it's never been.

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