Aimee Mac

“She’s the girl next door. She’s the girl at the rock show.

She’s rock and roll with an indie beat. She’s a Buffalo native, but no stranger to Austin. BMX racing, adventure chasing, Aimee Mac translates her experiences into her intimately acoustic music. Currently pursing her degree in Commercial Music Management, she spends most of her time either making music or learning the business. She has worked in event production and is quite familiar with many Austin venues. Heavily influenced by her own friends of Searcher and Thieves, as well as Ace and Jenn Enders, Aimee’s goal is get her music out there to as many people as she can. Bands like Mae, The Starting Line, and Tegan and Sarah have also directed her to finding her own acoustic style. Sharing that acoustic sound with other musicians and learning from them is one way she expands her music. The next step for Aimee Mac is going to be finding the band to support her emotion-stirring lyrics and her Taylor guitar. Taking some time off after her self-titled, first EP, Aimee Mac is getting back into the swing of her routine and fans can expect some new music soon!”

-Ashley Hardy

Denise Clarke

Denise Clarke is a voice for the people. A woman with soul, hip hop inspired lyricism, raw content, and spanish-inspired guitar riffs, she will knock your socks off. Her amateur album "calling all Timers..." is a discovery of her sound. "Denise Clarke, La Artista Conquistadora!" releases May 5th, 2012, Cinco de Mayo!

Terri Lynn

Terri Lynn is ostensibly a folk performer, but with a haunting lyrical and musical depth. Her songwriting is at once easily relatable, but with complex emotional undertones. Terri Lynn's singing style is powerful, gripping, and emotive, commanding the attention of the audience. Her uniquely percussive guitar provides a bittersweet accompaniment, giving an atmospheric bed of sound, while still allowing her voice to take center stage. Terri Lynn is currently working on her EP which will be released 2013.

Kriss Santala

Kriss Santala of The Hickups & La Tunda! Formerly of 420 Blackbirds.



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