The Ghost Wolves

The Ghost Wolves

Ladies and gentlemen....and otherwise
Tie up your horses and holster your guns,

Get a fresh drink from the bar, and come closer....if you dare
This band will perk up your ears, and stand up your hair

From deep in the heart of Texas,
Where the blue bonnets bloom,

Comes the One String Wonder,
and the Great-Godson of Keith Moon,

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please welcome to the stage,
From Austin, Texas

The Ghost Wolves

First release: "In Ya Neck!" EP 2011, Pau Wau Records

Second release: "Getchya Hip Thrust" Single 2012, Pau Wau Records

Carley Wolf: Guitar & Vocals
Little Hammer: Drums & Cymbals

Sounds like: The Cramps, Iggy + The Stooges

"They play stomping blues-garage-punk possessed by who knows what kind of demon...their music has just the right overdose of voodoo punk..." - Rolling Stone Italia

"The pair tour relentlessly, showing a joy in the turn-it-up that evokes the visceral virtues of rock at its most raw and elemental." - Lenny Kaye for

"Bodacious garage rock with a sneer" - MountainX ,Asheville NC


Milksop:Unsung is a quartet out of New Haven, CT. The bluegrass instrumentation will have the crowd anticipating an old time sound, but Milksop will surprise them with wild progressions, arrangements, and lyrics. They have shared the stage with Bob Log III, The Two Man Gentleman Band and others. Aside from the recordings they have online, Milksop has an extensive set of energetic compositions that seek rowdy crowds. So, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Orb Mellon Trio

Orb Mellon’s blues mines the energy of 20th Century American roots music, particularly whiskey fueled house party delta blues. Influenced by the likes of Son House, Bukka White, Charlie Patton, and Junior Kimbrough Orb Mellon performs pure, sonically aggressive original blues, free from any quaintness or historicism, prompting one reviewer to identify Orb Mellon’s work simply as “blues in all its primeval glory.”


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