GHOSTESS, Sim Ross and The Easy Truths, The Next Great American Novelist


"Textured, haunted pop. Bristly rock that reaches out from under your bed and tugs your hair. Melodies that seem to come from a dream you once had that's just beyond your immediate memory. Stephanie's voice, at once confident, knowing and vulnerable, rolls through the night air. She lays one guitar and vocal line atop another, until she stands at the center of a teeming city of melody and counterpoint. Where does all this sound come from? Never mind; it just does. Where do these songs come from? They bear the intimacy of a confession, but also the mystery of a fantasy. Never mind all that either. We know what it is: It's GHOSTESS. Tag it with whatever genre signifier you want (art-pop? even newer wave? paleo-indie rock revival?), but remember the name, because the sound will stick with you." - Brian LaRue

Sim Ross and The Easy Truth

Sim Ross sings with a sad, but very strong passion. Dark yet poignant lyrics, sung with a gravel throated voice, and hooky melodies make his songs an easy listen and leaves you wanting more.

The Next Great American Novelist

Most people claim that The Next Great American Novelist is the most knowledgable artist on the current state, culture, and perspective of the common American citizen. Though, others staunchly insist that he is "the voice of a generation." The debate rages on... I encourage you to think about it because I haven't.

"The Next Great American Novelist is the solo project of Sean Cahill, a currently New York-based singer-songwriter born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area. With an eloquent lone voice and his trusty acoustic guitar, Sean Cahill’s reinvents the classic singer-songwriter format to weave an age-old sensibility into musical tales for present times. A born storyteller, Sean Cahill’s songs mesmerize with the sweetness of wisdom well beyond his years, transporting you to a space away from where you are seated, to be right alongside the characters who melodically live in the richly scenic lyrical houses he has built for them. One of the first things you notice about Sean’s songs, is how carefully words are put together; each one is purposeful and it’s right place. What is delivered to your ears is not simply a ditty you can hang your hat on for a while, but craftsmanship you can grow with over the years. Like good books, each of Sean Cahill’s songs has some other rich nook or cranny that you’ve overlooked the last ten times you listened, connecting you to another feeling in your experience or a sweet little revelation about life you hadn’t come to before.

As for NGAN stage shows, they’re just plain fun. The greatest strength of Sean Cahill’s artistry is that he is first and foremost a human being and rejoices in the fact. He will laugh at himself and laugh with you, and sing funny songs for his mother, if she happens to be around. His humility and the skill of his expression, provides listeners the driving seat to connect to the careful and beautiful portraits he has constructed both visually with their minds as well as their ears—an experience of aural tapestry that lingers long after performance. If you’re in your right mind after he’s finished, you’d like for anything to be this man’s friend, so he can sing and laugh with you just a little while longer."



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