Mural Arts: An Evening with Haas&Hahn, Jane, Jon, and El

Mural Arts: An Evening with Haas&Hahn, Jane, Jon, and El

Join Mural Arts' Executive Director Jane Golden, filmmakers Jon Kaufman and El Sawyer, and artists Dre Urhahn and Jeroen Koolhaas for an exploration of the challenges and hopes of a North Philadelphia neighborhood, and the way that Mural Arts weaves in and out of our collective desire for a better future.

The story will be told through two documentaries filmed simultaneously in the same neighborhood with overlapping characters and stories. The first is a short documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes of Philly Painting, an urban revitalization project of major scale along Germantown Avenue. The second is a special advanced screening of Pull of Gravity, an intimate portrait of three men in different stages of reentry from prison to society.

The screenings will be followed by a short panel discussion moderated by Maori Karmael Holmes, Founder and Artistic Director of the BlackStar Film Festival.

Philly Painting
dir. Jon Kaufman, US, 2011, video, 20 min.

Pull of Gravity
dir. Jon Kaufman & El Sawyer, US, 2013, video, 66 min.

$7.00 - $9.00


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