Goodnight Ned

Goodnight Ned

Goodnight Ned is based in Dallas, Texas.


Southern roots
Guitar Driven
Harmonies galore
Songs you will sing
Music you will dance to


Chase McMillan – Guitar, Vocals
Conner Farrall – Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Juhász – Violin
Michael Munoz – Drums, Vocals
Ryan McLaughlin – Bass
Jonas Martin – Keys

The Jack Kerowax

"Jack Kerowax" is the debut album by this pop-influenced Americana band fronted by singer-songwriter Johnny Beauford. The group is composed of musicians from several Dallas/Fort Worth bands. The 10-track album was recorded, mixed, and mastered solely on analog equipment at Ferralog Studios in Dallas (Out November 25th on St Cait Records.)

Southbound Drive

"In the fall of 2011 Scott Collins was looking to form a backing band to play behind his original music. Over the course of the next several months, that backing band took on new life and became more than just support, they became: Southbound Drive. Pulling from hard-rock, folk, western, and with a real F-YOU attitude, SBD began to gain traction the Austin music scene.

Comprised of four talented and well-traveled musicians, Southbound Drive looks to bring you in with catchy hooks, enlightening lyrics, and a killer live show. Principle songwriter and singer Scott Collins brings honesty to the stage and sings with forceful energy. On lead guitar, Ryan Goebel shifts between soulful guitar lines that tastefully compliment Collins on acoustic guitar and face-melting solos. Anchoring the group is long time bass man Lucas Griffin. Solid and in the pocket, Griffin brings stability and groove all at once. The newest member, and last piece to the puzzle is drummer Ryan Greenblatt. Quickly becoming the backbone of the band, Greenblatt brings presence and power to the kit, all the while building the foundation of the band with Griffin's bass and providing a steady back beat.

Currently, SBD is out supporting it's first release Agnes, a seven song EP recorded under the guidance of super-producer Chris "Frenchie" Smith, and they currently have a single titled "Mexico" featured on Roger Allen's Lone Star State of Mind on 93.3 KGSR in Austin. SBD is on a mission to bring their brand of rock n' roll to the masses. SBD wants to crank the volume, pull down the shades, and rock your face. With electrifying live-shows and the will to outwork and outplay most everyone else, they are band not to miss."



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