NeonGLOW Back to School TRAP Edition THU AUG 29  @ Limelight [Nashville]

Kidd Love

First laying his hands on his first turntables at the age of only 12, Kidd had no idea the journey he was about to
embark on. For that touch was he needed to know that this is what he wanted to do with his life.This New Orleans native kidd loved digging through his uncles milk crates of records, and constantly wanting to find out more about this art he has been struck by. This drove him to dedicate his time and effort to become one of the best. Looking up to DJ’s such as Mix Master Mike, Qbert, Beat Junkies, Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Roc Raida, his technique, style, and knowledge of music grew greater.While most kids where playing football, or soccer at the park, Kidd was at home scratching records. Following his dream. At the age of 17 he then got introduced into the late night scene of New Orleans. First it was a taste of the Progressive and Funky Breaks that were played at Club Ampersand. Then he was brought to Escapades Afterhours, and knew he had once again found love. Opening up at 4am and hearing nothing but Great Electro and Breakbeats that were played all the way to 1pm the next day, he could not help but be captivated by this music. Being introduced to Music Production Software by a best friend Xuptour, he then took on another great art. Not long after he was pushing out Funky and Bass heavy Breaks and electro of his own. With some of his favorite Break, and electro artist like : Johnny Cage, DJ Scrub, Malicious Mike, Dynamixx II, Debonaire, Hydraulix, Darxid, Plump DJs, Jackal & Hyde he was dropping big bombs for young cat. Taking on some late slots at escapades, Playing some underground gigs at the mecca of underground in New Orleans The Dragons Den and progressing his skills he then put his talent to the test. Stepping out into the world. Holding his first Residency at Escapades and winning his first DJ Battle (IRON DJ 2011) kidd knew he had no choice but to keep pushing. Now at 21 he is a familiar face on and also Hold a Radio show once a week live, has placed 3rd in DMC Reg. battle, Holds a Residency DJ spot at one of the Hottest clubs in New Orleans on Bourbon St. (Bourbon Heat) Also holding many Bi-Monthly Res.DJ positions. Kidd has played in every top of the line nightclub in southern Louisiana, and out-of-state 2 times. From Hole in the wall bars, too million dollar night clubs, he is in the mix. For such a young kidd and being in the game not a day over 6 years he is not affraid to run witht the veterans of this scene. Doing 3 way scratch battles with Legends such as Doc Roc & DJ Magic Mike. He is always looking for ways to improve and test his skills in anyway he can. Constantly practicing day in and day out and also training with his close friend and also one of his mentors, Local Legend Tony Skratchere Kidd is always on the grind. Doing homework, Training, Getting new music, writing new music, and working on his plan to take over the world. What can be said about Kidd that has not already been said? Young, Dedicated, and a Contender. Lookout for the name, coming to a city near you one day.

$17.50 - $50.00


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