Turned Up Concert w/ Young Noah & God'Speed

Everybody’s got a story, this much is true, but for a young rapper named Noah, his life’s journey has a decidedly cinematic quality, full of thrilling twists and turns and even a surprise ending to boot.

Homeschooled until 5th grade and raised in a family where associating with anything remotely worldly was taboo, the day-to-day existence outside the four walls of his childhood home was a dangerous one.

Once Noah actually began going to a “real” school, he was recommended to the local Boys & Girls Club because it was a gang outreach program.

And it was during his time with Boys & Girls Club when Noah first started experimenting with rhymes and beats. As one of the program’s role models, the first songs he wrote reflected on positive themes, namely having the courage to say no to drugs, alcohol and gangs.

Despite coming to Christ at a young age and being a regular fixture at Boys & Girls Club, however, the normal teenage pressures of popularity eventually took their toll, too. Not surprisingly, the new music Noah was writing also reflecting his changing worldview.

But even as Noah began to drift, God never stopped pursuing him. Funny enough, it was a night when he was drunk when God began stirring his heart. “I remember I was driving, and God spoke to my heart,” Noah shares. “He began to ask ‘What are you doing with your life? How did you end up here?’ Look at the example you’re setting for your brothers.”
In that moment, Noah knew he needed to change for good this time. So the self-professed thug with the gold teeth and long dreadlocks rekindled his relationship with God, a decision that set his life on an entirely different course.

Naturally, Noah never expected to rap about Jesus, but that’s exactly what he does now with creativity and fearless abandon. Signed to Clear Sight Music, a boutique label started by renowned rapper Flame, Noah is excited about sharing how God changed his life and will do the same for anyone who seeks Him.

“I’m still blown away by how God has worked in my life, and I’ve been writing like a maniac in the meantime. I may even have enough material for six albums by now,” Noah jokes. “See, what’s so great about rap is that it’s almost like a sermon. I think it’s the most direct way you can communicate through music, and yet you can bop your head to it. I can talk about ten different things in one rap song, and I absolutely love that.”


Born to a single mother, Trevor Thomas aka Seckond Chaynce and his two siblings were raised in an area plagued by drugs and violence in Jacksonville, Florida. Early on Trevor’s musical interest, talent and gifts were obvious. His mother was very protective and attempted to shield and shelter her children from the negative activities that were prevalent in the neighborhood. However, upon reaching his teen years, he began to be influenced by the neighborhood trap stars, Hip Hop Rappers & family members he idolized, who touted the rewards of the drug dealing, fast money lifestyle. In 9th grade, Trevor was more involved and interested in drug distribution than the educational institution, which resulted in his dropping out of school-but his love and passion for music remained a constant.
After dropping out of school he devoted more time to pursue his musical passion and aspirations. This pursuit lead to him traveling and living between Jacksonville and Atlanta, Georgia. Finally two years later he made the music industry connection that would catapult career. Just as he about to ink a deal with a major record label, things fell apart and the deal was never consummated. This forced him to move to Tampa, Florida. Upon his return he discovered his mother was homeless and living with a relative. Trevor decided that the only short term option to improve the situation was to return to drug dealing. His long term plan was to try to obtain his GED, but after several attempts he abandoned the effort.
Realizing that his lifestyle would ultimately lead to his ruin-be it incarceration or death, Trevor realized that what he was missing wasn’t the GED but GOD. That day Seckond Chaynce was born (again). Serving, worshipping, and spreading the uncompromising TRUTH of God and HIS word is Seckond Chaynce’s life’s purpose. He serves not only on Sunday mornings, but each and every day of his life. Chaynce has felt the Holy Ghost and its’ power of transformation.
Seckond Chaynce proudly proclaims: “I have come to the point where I don’t care what people say about me. I love Jesus and I don’t care how lame I look in the eyes of the world. With my lips, life and music I will worship the Lord Jesus Christ. No record deal or amount of money can replace the joy I have found in Christ!”
**On February 1, 2012 after much prayer and consideration the artist formerly known as Seckond Chaynce of HGA changed his name to God’Speed. This name captures his journey and growth as a believer who fully embraces GOD’s timing. GOD has ordered his steps, but he now is allowing GOD to move his feet on the path designed and ordained for him.**

Footnote: Seckond Chaynce did receive his High School Diploma and is currently enrolled in College! To GOD be ALL the Glory!

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