El Amor, Hangman's Hymnal

El Amor

El Amor is a group of individuals hailing from the metro Denver area who came together to express their shared love of music. Mixing garage rock arrangements with catchy lyrics, hip hop flavor and a Do-It-yourself punk mentality, they create a unique sound unlike anything you have experienced before. With song topics ranging from government corruption to ladies of the night to UFOs, El Amor is a group that refuses to be easily categorized.
El Amor is spanish for "The Love". It represents these four young mens' shared passion for making exciting, dynamic rock music. This dedication can't be stopped by broken instruments, homelessness, mental breakdowns, incarceration, women problems, or wicked hangovers.

El Amor harbors an intesity to their sound crafted through riff rock arrangements, punk rock fury, with undeniably catchy rhythms that will either get you moving on the floor or towards the door.

Hangman's Hymnal

Braden Rauen- Violin, vocals, guitar

Mark Rossi- Vocals, banjo, accordion, guitar

Dave Lamothe- Upright bass

Matty Boehm- Drums and percussion

Sean McIntyre- Guitar and vocals

Jesse Mitchell- Mandolin

Oliver Bravado

ohnny Ray packed his suitcase and guitar and said goodbye to Milton, Florida. Despite being known as the “canoe capital of the world”, the small town just didn’t fit any more. As he settled into Denver, Colorado, he began working at a local pizza joint where he met drummer Jeff Wilkins. The two became friends and, sharing a common interest in music with the benefit of owning instruments, began playing together. Soon after, Oliver Bravado was officially formed with Johnny Ray on guitar and vocals and Jeff playing drums. A few months later, Alex Bowman joined the band and added his technical music knowledge and upright bass.
Oliver Bravado embraced the Denver music scene and began laying a solid foundation and fan base as they played open mic nights and small venues. Brilliant lyrics, magnetic melodies, and an engaging stage presence have set Oliver Bravado apart from other acts and helped the band grow tremendously in its short existence. The band’s upbeat folk'n'roll is catchy, clever, and reminiscent of punk and blues. Moreover, Johnny Ray, Jeff, and Alex are equal parts charismatic and genuine, providing fans with an almost personalized experience at each show.

Peaceful Peaches

Peaceful Peaches
A high energy four piece; spirited, gritty and intelligent in sound. This diligent and professional ensemble is determined to bringing great shows and bold new music to the people.
For the past five plus years the Peaceful Peaches have been dispersing their unique and brisk sound throughout the Denver Metro Area. They have enriched the spirit of many local Denver venues like the Bluebird Theater and Larimer Lounge adding great body to lineups with such bands as Black Taxi, Voice of Addiction, A Billion Ernies, and Repercussions.
Recently, the Peaceful Peaches recorded their latest E.P. at Haus of Kraus with brilliant sound engineer Kris Smith; his talent has graced such projects as Dropkick Murphys and Jimmy Eat World.
Tireless devotion to spreading music and a high level of professionalism make the Peaceful Peaches a very easy band to book and work with.

Skull Full of Blues

Born in the backwoods of Tennessee, nurtured in the juke joints of Northwest Mississippi, and distilled in Denver Colorado. This is Skull Full of Blues...
Two-piece playing the Blues with a Punk attitude...call it Delta Punk, if you need a name. Pounding rhythms, wailing slide and a whiskey-soaked voice all combine to make the SFOB sound!

$5.00 - $10.00


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