It’s time to stretch, hydrate, and double-knot your dancing shoes, because San Francisco’s favorite soul party band, Midtown Social, is back with their first full-length release. Their freshly squeezed blend of California soul, funk, and rock is downright irresistible. Midtown Social is a nine-piece tour-de- force. But it’s more than just a band. Together, these nine musicians are a collaborative community of writers, arrangers and artists. When they’re on stage, they invite you into the family. The mission is to spread the message of positive social change through art and music. MTS serves up food for hungry souls—fuel for a revolution of free, open and creative thought. Deeply inspiring and guaranteed to make you sweat just as much as it makes you think, Midtown Social presents a message of solidarity and hope, voiced by a community of people who are as diverse, bold, authentic, and vulnerable as the community in which they were forged. Midtown Social asks us all to come together, to find common ground, love and camaraderie, to fight for our communities, way of life, and rights—and to stand together as one.

Soul Pie

Soul Pie is a 5 piece original rock group founded in 2011 and has since won fans everywhere, rocking an edgy soulful sound filled with big melodies and heavy riffs.

The band is:
Jesse Ray - vocals
Tommy Odetto - guitar
Tim Baker - Bass
John Varn - Keys
Ethan Turner - Drums

Hotel Eden

As a one-man production team, Kelly Warner writes, sings, plays and records his irreverent pop songs with a mix of vintage instruments and new technology in his home studio. With a background of well-worn white label electronica releases, this DJ/beatmaker/multi-instrumentalist was also one half of the visionary but now historic hip hop duo, The Lab Rats. Kelly and his Lab Rats band-mate were loved in part for replacing samples with original music that included beats, self-samples and live instrumentation. Song craft, live performance, recording, studio production and stylistic experimentation were just a few of the lessons Kelly learned in the lab. Moving through phases as any artist does, he takes from the past, but now more fully realizes live instrumentation in production and uses his own songwriting inspiration to create Cornell-like havens of beauty, chaos and solace.

In 2012 Kelly released a full length album and toured for the first time with a full, live band in support. Although the recordings were created by Warner, Hotel Eden will no longer be just his project as his crack squad of complete badasses are warmed up, have adopted the songs as their own and are ready to bring you a show.

Kevin Eagle Oliver

w/ DJ Tom Temprano (of Hard French)


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