Celestials is a dynamic, four piece psychedelic indie rock group from the West side of cincinnati. with ethereal 3 part vocal harmonies, bursts of energy that will make you dance until your feet catch on fire, and moments of spacey mellowness you can chill with this band will blow your mind song after song. Celestials includes a unique display of showmanship with their use of eye popping instruments such as the theremin and native American flute. Get ready to groove and be lost in the heavenly sounds of Celestials!

Say It Like It's Secret (SILIS) started sometime late December to early January as a collection of music lovers who wanted to play some beautiful tunes for everyone to hear. It started as just Evan, Danny, and John fiddling around on the guitar, writing songs here and there basically for their own amusement. It wasn't long before they discovered that Matt had a complimentary voice to their own, along with delicious writing skills. So, they invited him in on the music playing, and before they knew it they were collaborating like "mad men" with a box (Dr. Who? reference). From there all they needed was a bassist. It took them a short second to realize they needed someone reliable as well as simple, and Carl (Evans brother) was the man for the job after a few quick bass lessons.

After a few months SILIS had some artistic differences with Danny and David. It was very tough to change the line up since they were all really close friends. But, after a talk about what is better for the music, they decided to drop from a 6 piece to a 4 piece, while also getting a more flexible drummer. It took them a while to find a drummer after deciding that Danny didn't fit the bill (much love to Danny, very great drummer), but the long wait was worth it after they stumbled upon Kyle.

So, after a long process of changing up band members SILIS is now finally here in full ready to give YOU the best musical experience for your heart and soul!

Currently SILIS is recording an album, so keep an eye open for that!! In the mean-time check out their reverbnation with their acoustic "New Beginnings" LP on it.

Northland Noise

Hard Rock band. Awesome music with lyrics that you can relate to and rock out to. We love performing live and having a good time. We've been friends for years so expect alot of good vibes and inside jokes when you see us perform!!!

Baby Lungs

It is hard to say when Baby Lungs was first born, but it was likely conceived in 2007 when Coleman and Joseph met in their freshman year music appreciation class. Coleman and Joseph played in guitar in various terrible incarnations of the band that would eventually become Baby Lungs. And after seeing Drew Manning playing around Cincinnati in several different acts, he was inducted into the band to play guitar, bass and keyboards. After some more line-up tweaking, the band was christened Baby Lungs, and guitarist Joseph became the drummer. Then Baby Lungs went into a cocoon phase. For months, the skies of Northside reverberated with echoes of Baby Lung's cultivating it's hallmark massive sound. It was later discovered only Joseph's sister Kateri possessed a powerful enough voice to rise above Baby Lung's wall of sound. With Kateri on the vocals, Ben was added to bass.

Baby Lungs has recently finished recording it's long-awaited first EP, "IV", a four song, twenty minute odyssey through through your own mind. It is available for free download on Reverbnation. The band is currently in the middle of a long string of shows, but after, they will be returning to writing.



Addl. $3 at the door for under 21

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