* SoMo Presents: The Ride Tour *

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Featuring the singles: "Kings & Queens (Throw It Up)" an extended version of "Ride" & "Touch the Sky"!

Hailing from the Bronx, Yonas is one of hip-hop's most-hyped emerging artists. Known for his incredibly unique style, the 25 year old makes it known that he is unlike anyone else in the game.

Too many times in music, and specifically in Hip-Hop and Rap, people feel the need to conform to what's popular. I have no intention of doing that. Instead I look to really mold my own style, and take risks musically"
Although Yonas is just breaking out, he has already built-up quite the list of accomplishments . In 2009, Yonas won a Billboard songwriting award for one of our favorite tracks "Banga". Additionally, his hit single "Shy Kidz" was featured on MTVu as well as Fuse TV. Just this past month, Yonas was featured on XXL Magazine's "The Break".

Yonas released his first mix tape, "I Am Us" back in 2010, and dropped his second project entitled "The Proven Theory" just over a year ago. Both have been very well received by fans and the multimillion YouTube view counters can vouch for that. "The Transition" is the title to Yonas' latest work, and is available for free now. Stay in touch with Yonas on Facebook and Twitter for all things Yonas, and be sure to check out his store for the latest from his apparel line.

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