Annual Halloween Fiasco!, Bo White Y Su Orquesta, Serfs, Hectorina, Secret Hospital, Kill Your Mules, Wet Mango, Weekenders, Last In Line, Your Fuzzy Friends, Single Shot Sinners

Bo White Y Su Orquesta

shredded decency and mixed arts.
Bass/Vocals- BW, Drums- M. Houseman, Percussion- D. Blackburn, Baritone- B. Bagwell, Tenor- A. Thewlis.

bizarre becomes immature.


slavery 7" (july 2011) released independently
"spaces" b/w "wire"

who cares 7" (may 2012) released independently
"shower beer" b/w "social cycle"

common feelings EP (may 2013) released independently
1. egg bloom
2. double blind
3. transient
4. coastal pariah
5. blue note fx


psychedelic garagey math pop band from Charlotte, NC

Secret Hospital

Mike, Carsten, Susan & Erik play songs and stuff.

Kill Your Mules

Preston-guitar solos only
Melvin-happy drum silence
Richard-unknown member to some
Silas-google recommended

Sounds that emanate from humans and machines.
We are a quartet. No matter what.

Wet Mango

Wet Mango is Cristina Fuentes's solo gameboy project started in 2008. She also has a project with Baseck called Sonic Death Rabbit which is chiptune based. Currently Wet Mango is using two GameBoy Color's with LSDJ, The Korg DS-10, and a small synthesizer. She's a sucker for the four to the floor and really wanted to have a project less about performance, more focused on programming, but still containing a wide range of vocals. Freestyle, Hip Hop, Acid, Industrial, Gabber and all other kinds of electronic based music combine unconsciously in her beats. She loves simplicity and the thick yet separated layers of pop music, which explains the more dance feel to this project. But because of her love for experimental electronics it's still on the dirty, glitchy, broken up, and heavy side. Why the name Wet Mango? You betta ask somebodies.


WEEKENDERS is a rock'n'roll group hailing from CHARLOTTE, NC. Formed in 2009 by Pete Hurdle and Preston Drum, they play a brand of proto garage pop that is fueled by the desire to have fun and make people dance. Jeff Klumpp joined the outfit, first as an enigmatic dancing "greenman" and then later in 2010 as the bass player. Pete Hurdle plays guitar and sings. Preston Drum has assumed the position of his namesake behind the drum kit, while occasionally singing lead. The trio shares the duty of songwriting.

Last In Line

Last In Line is a rock and roll band born in the mountains of southwest Virginia, raised on Daddy's classic country albums and Brother's punk rock tapes. Their fans have compared them to Lucero, Neil Young, and Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band.
They've played shows with the likes of Bobby Bare, Jr. and Will Hoge and are building an enthusiastic following in the regional scene. Frontman Steve Gilbert was named 2010's 'Songwriter of the Year' by the Brisol Herald-Courier newspaper.

Your Fuzzy Friends

No two ways about it, Your Fuzzy Friends is the hottest new-wave puppet band of the American indie scene. Their danceable electro-pop sounds and amusing antics will having you shaking your ass and laughing it off at the same time. Join hipster god Mono the Unicorn and all his plush pals in their riotous musical adventures! Accompanying them on tour is the maddeningly upbeat band manager Lee (the human of the entourage), booking this rag-tag band into highly inappropriate gigs...and into your heart. If you like being felt up by someone made of felt, Your Fuzzy Friends will touch you in ways that make you feel special! Uncomfortable…but special.

Single Shot Sinners




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