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Wymyns Prysyn



Autonomy started in January 2009 by Josh Welshman. It was originally formed as a side project, but eventually involved into something much larger. After about 2 years of subtlety, Autonomy emerged with a breakthrough debut EP entitled "Dimensions of Mephitic Decay". After some promotion, Autonomy made its way into the brutal death scene. "Dimensions of Mephitic Decay" is available now through Sevared Records. Autonomy has since signed with Ossuary Industries, and a full length album is in the works!

Joint Damage

Three men spurring the birth of abrasive harmonious punk destruction in the vapid wasteland of Charlotte, North Carolina. IF WIPERS=PORTLAND and GISM=TOKYO, Joint Damage are the Midway Islands. HOOKS, DEVASTATION, PODER PURO Y DURO. members of Yardwork, Great Architect, Meat Group, Brain F, Control & Logic Problem.



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