Chairlift (Free Show!)

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly made Something, their sophomore record, over 18 months between the back of an antique store in Brooklyn and the basement of a family home in Streatham, London. The world and characters of Something, slowly emerged- overtones of manic revenge contrast with a dark brooding guilt ("Sidewalk Safari", "Amanaemonesia", "Take it out on Me", "Guilty as Charged"); pastoral, almost psychedelic love meets its own inevitable, blue future ("Met Before", "Frigid Spring", "Turning", "Cool as a Fire"). In contrast to Chairlift's debut album's Does you Inspire You pop-dreamscape, created in the dark, after school and work, the band uncovered the songs on Something in the daytime, drinking coffee. Producer Dan Carey's studio is part of the world of Something, full of giant plate-reverb boxes, mint green reel-to-reels salvaged from dismantled BBC studios, plastic human heads which are used to record and simulate the listeners location in approximation to the sound. The head was sitting in the back seat of Carey's car, a microphone on each ear, while Caroline drove, screaming the "I'm gonna hunt you down… I'm gonna run you down" lyric of "Sidewalk Safari". Perhaps this incident lends itself to the fact that Something recalls the anthemic driving albums of the mid-90's (Weezer's 'Blue' album comes to mind). Larry Fitzmaurice (Pitchfork) says that "...Chairlift go for 'big' – like, really big – and succeed on every level".


A member of Nashville's Bohemian Hype Cult art collective, Morgan Splawn (aka Treekeeper) has already made a case for his skills as a digital craftsman in 2011. Though “Congratulationz” is perhaps a little too long and a little too adventurous in its weaving of unique parts, it’s no less a fantastic piece, and a fine example of the goodness that’s likely yet to come from the 19-year old producer.

Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited are a duo from Nashville, TN that is comprised of David Miller and Samuel D'Amelio. Upon realizing their common interest in french touch, 80's no-wave, post-punk and everything in-between, the two ultimately formed a musical bond that serves as the core influence in their music. After only a handful of live shows and appearances at SXSW, Future Unlimited was highlighted by both and NME Magazine as one of the top bands to watch at SXSW in 2012. The band later performed at Art Basel 2012 in Miami, opening for such acts as Chromeo and playing a private show at Soho House's exclusive Soho Beach House Miami.

Future's story starts in 2007 when Samuel was finishing his bachelors degree in Psychology and DJ'ing on the side to pay bills. Dave was drumming in a post-punk band based out of Nashville, having come off of a long stint in New York City break dancing on broadway. The two lived in separate apartments that sat ontop of eachother, but it wasn't until one night when Sam was blasting Alan Braxe through some paper thin floors that Dave realized they had more in common than they thought. They became good friends but eventually went their separate ways, both moving away from Nashville in early 2009. It wasn't until Sam's return to Nashville in early 2011 and Dave needing a change of pace that Future's sound began to develop. Over the course of six months, the two wrote and produced over fifteen songs (five of which are found on the duo's debut EP), which ultimately rooted itself in synthesizer solidarity. With no motivation other than the music itself, the duo began playing shows with a changing roster of hired gun guitarists and the former bassist of Dave's previous band. Within a few weeks after finishing the first set of material, the duo financially struggled to translate their "digital works" for multiple SXSW appearances. Without label support or investors, Dave and Sam decided to slow down the frequency of performances due to being unsatisfied with the translation to live. Over the next few months, the guys focused their efforts on writing new material and honing in on their sound. It wasn't until October of 2012, when the band decided to release a single titled 'Haunted Love,' did the future take an unusual twist.

Word from Dave & Sam:

Future is nothing more than the output of a daily consuming passion for writing and producing music. Yeah, we happen to use (and fucking love) some vintage synthesizers so there are some labeling pitfalls there, but that's us. It's two guys sharing a cramped one bedroom apartment who work night jobs to free up the days for writing. We're not trust fund kids. We're not from families involved in the music industry -- nor do we care or wish we had been. Who we are and where we've come from make our sound, make our story. What you see and hear is the bootstrap efforts to bring it beyond our little room. We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and are grateful for every day we're able to do what we love doing. We offer up to you the things that make us happy, make us sad, make us reminisce. Hopefully, it does the same to you.

With all respect - Dave and Sam


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