Jet Life - The Redeye Tour feat. Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Fiend

Jet Life

The Red Eye Tour to feature Young Roddy, Corner Boy P and Fiend

Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle Redefines Mixtape Culture:


NEW ORLEANS, LA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 10th, 2013) -- Jet Life International, the New Orleans-based entertainment brand founded by Atlantic Records hip-hop artist Curren$y and the Jet Life crew, has announced a partnership with BitTorrent, Inc. to revolutionize the mixtape concept; releasing an extensive collection of new music, video, interactive tour content, Jet Life merchandise, and exclusive contest opportunities.

The Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle will provide fans with 360 degree, direct access to the group; making mixtape culture a multimedia experience. Each downloadable Bundle will include a new mixtape featuring Curren$y and the Jet Life crew, HD video content, interactive Jets Tour promotional materials, an interactive Jet Life Apparel catalog, and exclusive Jet Life contest opportunities. Fans can unlock the Bundle on July 30th, 2013at To further support this direct-to-fan initiative, Jet Life is making their entire all-artist mixtape catalog available to stream on

More details on Jet Life BitTorrent Bundle content will be released in the coming weeks.

“Jet Life has always been an advocate for sharing digital releases directly to our fans,” said Mousa Hamdan, President of Jet Life International and owner of ST Customs Management, the management company behind Curren$y and the Jets. “By consistently releasing new music and videos for free download to the Jet Life audience, we have built an army of loyal fans that support and spread the Jet Life movement, allowing us to regularly sell out clubs and theaters around the world.”

“We’ve been massive fans of everything that Jet Life have been doing,” added Matt Mason, Vice President of Marketing, BitTorrent, Inc. “This partnership presents an opportunity for us to advance our BitTorrent Bundle Alpha program and create a new transmedia tool for connecting with and rewarding fans. For BitTorrent, this is also an amazing opportunity to work with up-and-coming artists and help give them exposure to a mass audience in a unique way.”

“When the discussion began with BitTorrent, it became apparent that that Bundle format could help us reinvent and grow 2.0 mixtape culture,” said Jet Life Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist, Austin Leigh Briggs. “Jet Life has built a massive audience by embracing a DIY, direct-to-fan mentality from the start. We’ve always put listeners first. BitTorrent allows us to reach these fans as well as one of the largest audiences online. BitTorrent Inc. has been instrumental in helping us bring new ideas to life. We wanted to create a Bundle release that fans would genuinely appreciate, while also reinterpreting mixtape culture to mean more: making tour video, promotions, merchandise, and interactive contests part of the download experience.”

Jet Life has a massive, dedicated fan base; regularly selling out tours and shows around the United States in venues with capacities ranging from 1-3 thousand. Jet Life artists have performed at major festivals including Pitchfork Music Festival, Rock the Bells, Smokeout Festival, Mfalme Fest, SXSW and more.

Jet Life International has also announced The Red Eye Tour, the first headlining tour for The Jets featuring Corner Boy P, Fiend and Young Roddy. This national tour will be making stops at some of the finest small clubs and theaters in the country, with 35 shows scheduled in 38 days around the United States, starting onAugust 26th, 2013 in Houston, TX.

Young Roddy

Young Roddy is an American rapper signed to Curren$y's label Jet Life Recordings.

Corner Boy P

Corner Boy P is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based hip-hop artist and rapper.

"There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it's the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson." No truer words can be spoken of Louisiana recording artist, producer, writer, and entrepreneur, Fiend. Already boasting two gold records, a Grammy nomination, a successful independent record label, a lucrative management company, a boutique clothing line and a burgeoning film company, Fiendcontinues to drive his career to new heights. With plans for multiple releases alongside his Jetlife brethren and a green-lit motion picture release planned in conjunction with Jetlife Films, 2013 proves to be an instrumental year in the career of the renowned Louisiana recording artist, Fiend aka International Jones.

Philadelphia's own Astronauts Really Fly is band of young talented musicians spearheaded by their lead singer/ MC, Mont Brown. Along with His bandmates, Andrew Meoray(vocalist, producer), Pace-O Beats (vocalist/producer),Matti Beresin (guitar), Joey Stix (drums), and Dj Mike Lowry, these guys have created a unique sound that seems to blur the lines that seperate punk rock and high energy hip hop.

Reek I'Van

Tabias Thompson is an American rapper who performs under the moniker, “Reek I’ van.” Hailing from the streets of Philadelphia, Reek quickly captured the attention of industry enthusiasts with his fiery lyric presentation and diverse flow style. A former Fashion model Reek attributes his undeniable stage presence to his experiences in the fashion industry “In modeling... you exist to be judged on your looks, so when it came time for me to actually showcase my talent (rap) I had no fear only fire. “– Reek

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