Nato Caliph, Kinetix, Calvin Tiger, BC

Nato Caliph

Nato Caliph is possibly one of the most reliable, organized and hard working people you will ever meet. He also happens to be one of the dopest lyricists in St. Louis.
In an era where many emcees are carbon copies of one another (spittin’ lyrics of self-proclaimed fame, fortune and redundant fiction), Caliph lives comfortably in the space that others who share the mic run from — reality.
Bringing an end to the entertainment of champagne sippin’, gun clappin’, weed smokin’, fat booty, prima donna flows is not his goal. But making great music to inspire people to live, breath and groove to is.
If you’re looking for a new, real and refreshing sound, you’re looking for Nato Caliph. If you’re ready for lyrics that mean something, you’re ready for Nato Caliph. If you’re in the industry and looking to work with someone who is sick on the mic and respected as the go-to guy for getting things done, that, too, is Nato Caliph. A man among emcees.
- Benjamin Gandhi-Shepard



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