Killa Theory, The Bins, Cloud., Lotide

Killa Theory

Dat Beat is Kyle Turner (DJ Killa Theory) and David Dahlquist (Dahlquist); two prolific, Brooklyn-based DJ / Producers who have joined forces to create some of the hardest-hitting dance music of the year. Drawing from the modern dance styles of Electro House, Dubstep and Moombahton, Dat Beat combines these influences to create deep, cutting-edge dance music that sounds as pristine on your headphones as it does on the dance floor.

The Bins

The Bins is a 6 year old producer from Krakozhia who has more records than DJ Shadow, Pete Rock, and Cut Chemist, combined, times afinity +1


“Lotide is the brainchild of 20-year-old Devon Hansen, a multi-instrumentalist and videoartist based in Seattle, WA. Hansen’s work as Lotide is difficult to characterize: featuring a wide array of sounds reminiscent of dub, world music and psychedelia, soaked with delay and sequenced to head-nodding effect, Hansen’s compositions are best described as simply ‘beats music’. Accordingly, Lotide’s sound has a clear kinship with the likes of Brainfeeder and others in Los Angeles’ celebrated beats scene, but Hansen’s music feels distinctively more inward, ethereal and enigmatic than that of his contemporaries. Much of Hansen’s recent acclaim stems from remixes and video work for Serbia’s heralded electronic label Svetlana Industries, and he will soon join the ranks of peers Teebs and BNJMN by releasing his debut EP on the label.”

-Cubbfest 2011


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