Jeremiah Craig has always loved the way great old yarn spinners can tell a story around a fire or on a barstool. Music has been a delivery method of stories for centuries and Craig tries to continue that story telling in his own songwriting. Folk ballads are his passion. He includes many story elements in his songs and he's done so from the start of his songwriting career in the Northeastern U.S. and now continuing it in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeremiah Craig has been involved in many diverse musical projects over the past few years. In 2004 he made his musical debut with the band Bluegrass Tuesday. In 2006 he formed an original rock/jazz jam band, Jack Swift, who in 2009, went on the "You Don't Know Jack Tour Spectacular" across five states. Jeremiah Craig started his solo career in 2011 with his first full-length album, Gardener Hands. Released the single "Busy my Spade" the next year and in 2013 released his first project recorded in Arizona, The Commandeer EP.

Listen to recordings from Jeremiah Craig and check out upcoming shows to get a better sense of him as a singer/songwriter.


Simple catchy 4 chord songs with revealing and honest lyrics written on an acoustic guita


Hunter Johnson is a songwriter/performer from Phoenix Arizona. He has forged out his own sound with well crafted songwriting and honest powerful delivery. His diverse songwriting makes for a very intense live show with moment of very heavy blues rock and roll mixed with delicate folk ballads. His unique sound harkens back to his classic rock influences growing up. Hunter released a collection of songs digitally titled "The Very First" in February of 2013, which has drawn comparisons to Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen.
His debut full length album titled "Miles and Miles" will be released in August of 2013 the record was recorded at Flying Blanket Studios in Mesa Arizona and produced by Bob Hoag.

Two tracks from the upcoming album are available streaming on his website


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