Heavy Glow

Psychedelic blues rock band Heavy Glow displays a mastery of confidence and emotive power in their untitled follow-up to the highly acclaimed album "Midnight Moan." To be released in 2013 under Purge Records and with the addition of a new drummer, the new album is a culmination of everything the band has been working towards since forming in 2008. The finished product flaunts nuances of retro rock through hard-and-heavy guitar tones, bombastic drum-playing and suave bass lines. Front man Mullins injects raw soul into his entrancing vocal melodies and cascading choral harmonies to create a sound that is both informed by the past and undeniably modern.

I'm Dirty Too

I'm Dirty Too is a hard rock duo from Sacramento, California that began out of the longtime friendship of guitar player Zac Brown and drummer Jess Gowrie. The two met in the 2002 through a mutual friend who played bass in Jess's band at the time, The Drama. In the years following, the two came into contact sporadically trough the Sacramento music scene with Jess's involvement in the bands The Dr...ama and Red Host, and Zac's endeavors in Dusty Brown, Doom Bird, and the San Francisco based electronic artist Tycho.

In July 2009, Zac received a call from Jess in which she expressed an interest to get together musically. The two began jamming casually in the Fall of the same year, and in early 2010 they decided to take the next step, label their situation a project, and start looking for a bass player and singer.

After a few months, pleased with the tonality and fullness of the sound they were creating, and comfortable with the creative dynamic they possessed, the two resolved to remain a two piece and share in the lead vocal duties. Drawing upon influences as varied as Kyuss and Fleetwood Mac, I'm Dirty Too weaves a blend of raw and vulnerable vocals on top of riffy, thick, fuzzy guitar tone and hard hitting drums.


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