MERCIA w/ Special Guests

started in late 2006 the band name was formally named camelot, playing with over 70 nationals through out the years, bands such as Hatebreed, Kittie, Sepultura, Born of Osiris, Emmure, God Forbid, Goatwhore, and many other fine bands, in 2009 they changed their name to MERCIA! a the name stuck, playing venues all over Upstate New York. After a few member changes, they decided to start touring in late 2011 and test their metal in unknown territory, they have no signs of stopping or slowing down, and plan to take leaps and bounds to better themselves, in their music and musical ability, look out for more exciting shows and tours in the future! \m/
Influences spanning from Pantera and White Chapel to
Miss May I and InFlames. Melodic heavy metal band
Mercia is a very unique combination of elegant and
brutal. Crushing grooves and barn burning breakdowns
all with a splash of old school.

Beyond the Descent

A Heavy Metal band from Denver, Colorado looking to shred as hard as possible!! Support local metal!

Hailing from Colorado, US, NEXHYMN is a female-fronted death metal band born from the ashes of Throcult in 2010.

The name itself is derived by a combination of the Latin word Nex, defined as death, violent nature, and slaughter. The word Hymn, which is a simple song of praise.

Their debut album “Black Horizon” combines merciless fierce, and reminiscences the best elements of old and new death metal sound, taking the listener on a vicarious visitation with diverse accounts of unexpected ruthless brutality.

Recorded at Firestorm studios and mixed and mastered at Flatline Audio, “Black Horizon” is delivered with unique brutal female death metal vocals, punishing guitar riffs and impending technical drumming.
NEXHYMN current line up is left to right:

Tyler Cantrell – Bass
Rudy Hernandez - Guitar
Holly Wedel - Vocals
Ivan Alcala - Guitar
Pete Gonzales - Drums

This implacable recording stops at nothing in its relentless pursuit of pure rapacious fierce.

Empyrean Eclipse

EMPYREAN ECLIPSE was formed in the spring of 2004 by guitarist Ryan Lockwood,Roger Daniels, and Drummer Stephen Handler.

Galloping guitars and speedy power drums come at you like blitzkrieg. Empyrean Eclipse performs its brand of death metal with such speed and precision it's a guarantee that every member of the group has extremely strong forearms.

$8 - $10


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