You may have heard: a new band from Dallas going by the name TEAM announced themselves to the world with a single titled "Am I Alive." So who is TEAM? And why are they so mysterious?

Here's a hint: The band is made up of members whose combined projects have sold 3 million-plus records (seriously) and conquered global tours.

"Am I Alive" is the debut song off TEAM's forthcoming EP release already recorded and due out in late August—and, yes, they'll be following it up with a tour of the US.

The Raven Charter

Formerly out of Denton Texas, The Raven Charter is a Dallas-based progressive rock group who has been a part of the growing DFW scene since 2005. The group has had airplay on DFW's 102.1 The Edge's Local Show, The Planet in Stephenville, on Whskey Boy Radio, and online. Pulling influences from a diverse spectrum of musical styles has been a big part The Raven Charter's ability to create their own signature sound. Being able to transition from a progessive, odd-meter beatdown into a sexy groove or spacey riff is something The Raven Charter executes in an intersting yet charismatic way. Every song has a different niche and a different vibe. One of the things that The Raven Charter actively tries to achieve through their music is opening up the audience to a genre of progressive rock that they wouldnt normally experience. The combination of Daniel Baskind's liquid shredding and Garrett Bond's versaitle vocal range give The Raven Charter the ability to mold any type of sound out of their songs. But the defining characteristic of The Raven Charter is their live show. Intense and air-tight this band is an unstoppable force upon the stage. If you ever have the opportunity to see The Raven Charter live, take it and experience this epic performance for yourself.

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