HOLDING BACK ENTIRELY, The Bushwick Hotel, I Am The Heat


Holding Back Entirely (HBE) takes the long road.

Delivering just two full-length records in 8 years, 2005’s “Holding Back Entirely”, and 2011’s “Faster Than Possible”,
HBE is a collaborative that values style.

Trimmed down to it’s core force of trio freedom, singer and guitarist Nikolaus Schuhbeck, bassist Andrea Monorchio, and Pat Agresta on drums, Holding Back Entirely are set to deliver a vinyl of live recordings and an EP of brand new material in 2013.

NYC’s underground translators of personal tragedy into popular song, HBE have always avoided the pull of a scene, but managed to build recognition among critics and fans alike.

HBE records are beauty.. HBE shows are live.. HBE fans are truth.
Anything else is in the eye of the beholder. Wanting to be loved is a weakness.

The Bushwick Hotel

Gregory Ferreira and Friends comprises the collective projects that Greg is part of including The Suitcase Album and The Bushwick Hotel.

The Bushwick Hotel is currently working on an upcoming album.

I Am The Heat

I Am The Heat is one lady and three knuckledraggers from New York City who love playing music and freaking out more than anything else. We've released several EPs and two videos. We write new songs when we're not rehearsing or paying the bills. We play shows wherever there are dancing girls and boys.

Our sound is changing these days. It's more like The MC 5 punching The Strokes in the face. Read what other have to say or listen for yourself. Or better yet, come get freaky with us sometime!

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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