Murderfist: 10th Anniversary Show

Murderfist: 10th Anniversary Show

MURDERFIST: The 10th Anniversary Show is 10 years in the making. Two hours of brand new material, stage and video, to show all these new whippersnappers that the old boys of Murderfist still know how to do comedy, put a wig on a 300lb man and make him hold his balls. Come watch the sketch group that has performed in pretty much every single performance venue in NYC, from BAM to a U-Haul truck in Red Hook, and under every single condition, from ripped on mushrooms to 12 hours of non-stop insanity, do what they do best: a sketch comedy show. Come see how the years have changed these men and women of Murderfist and made them stronger and wiser (and larger). Come prepared to drink and laugh your brain numb as we party like we are finally making money doing sketch comedy since we’re 30.

MURDERFIST is the best sketch group in New York City especially since The Village Voice has never named a new one.

Murderfist has showcased its comedy at nearly every single venue this city has to offer, seriously. That long list includes The PIT, UCB, Caroline’s, Rififi, The Laugh Factory, Knitting Factory, Union Hall, Bell House, The Creek And The Cave, Magnet Theater, BAM, weird art shows in Bushwick and a big dirty U-Haul.

Winners of the 2010 ECNY Award for Best Sketch Comedy Group (which doesn’t exist anymore cause we broke it), Official Selections at SketchFest NYC, Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival, and the Charleston Comedy Festival. Named by the Village Voice as the Best Sketch Group of New York in 2010.

Members of Murderfist credits include guest spots on NBC, ABC, CBS, national commercials, Adult Swim and the new Martin Scorsese film “Wolf Of Wall Street.” Isn’t that weird?

$12 - $15


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