MYK Freedman, The Rebel Factory, Avi-Fox Rosen, Rotten Sons

MYK Freedman

Myk Freedman is a 32-year-old Canada Council grant recipient, lap steel player, composer, arranger, and band leader. In 2003 he moved from Toronto to NYC to study music. Since then, he has performed with John Zorn, William Parker, Elliot Sharp, Cyro Baptista and Kenney Wessel, as well as with countless others. Myk’s compositions have been recorded by many of his own groups, as well as by ensembles: The MK Groove Orchestra, In a China Shop, and Laila and Smitty. In 2008, MARTIN & HAYNES, a Toronto duo made up of Justin Haynes and Jean Martin, released an entire record dedicated to his music, entitled FREEDMAN. In 2009 they enlisted Ryan Driver to play the “ruler bass” to record and release a second album of his music entitled FREEDMAN Live at the Western Front. His arrangements have been premiered at world famous venues such as The Blue Note, John Zorn’s The Stone, The Knitting Factory and the 2004 Distillery Jazz Festival where he was nominated for the Emerging Artist Award. In 2008, Myk worked with iconoclast John Oswald, arranging Strauss’ music for the Sun Ra Solar Arkestra.
“Lap-steel whiz Myk Freedman excels at intensely evocative instrumentals that draw on Dixieland, klezmer and avant-garde jazz. His aesthetic is wistful yet subtly surreal.”
-Time Out New York

The Rebel Factory

The Rebel Factory are a New York based pop band.

"Mellow pop with a downtown sizzle." Time Out NY

"What a revelation! The Rebel Factory define all that is good in modern pop music." Record Hop U.K.

"Performing in front of a loose and randy festival crowd, the aphrodisiac qualities of the Factory's music cannot be overstated." Monticello Herald

Avi-Fox Rosen

Avi Fox-Rosen makes music with a sardonic sense of humor, dense and dark lyrics, and enchantingly twisted melodies. Described by Lucid Culture as "Donald Fagen's equally gifted more ill-at-ease bastard stepchild." In 2013 he's releasing an EP of brand new material every month because he's an overachiever. New York Music Daily has heralded Avi's album-a-month project as "one of the most ambitious jobs anyone in the rock world has taken on lately".

Avi Fox-Rosen is a singer, songwriter, player of things with strings, producer, arranger, and all around swell guy.

Rotten Sons

Rotten Sons play heavy rock, drawing on influences from the 60's, 70's and 90's. Their sound is riff centric, with dynamic changes and catchy choruses.


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