Invisible Hands, Andrew Cedermark

Invisible Hands

Invisible Hand plays baroque acid-rock with power-pop guitar theatrics. From and inspired by the ever pastoral central Virginian landscape, with two members having served time as actors (including bit parts as Bat Boys and Charles Darwins), a full time food enthusiast and a visual artist with a knack for the french chanteuses of bygone eras.

Andrew Cedermark

I am Andrew C, and I write and record these songs. I then dress them up with several other sounds. ..I have only ever played one show. With some friends on the night I graduated from college. We covered "Tugboat" by Galaxie 500 and "Amen" by Spacemen 3, and I was feeling a little ill, for I had a cold. Regardless, ribaldry and mirth were the orders of the evening and much fun was had by all.

I will probably play some shows at some point, but I do not know if I would like to now that I am older. It was very easy in high school, when friends hosted rock and roll shows. Then, one could get by on chops or charm alone. Now people demand both. And also, back then, if nobody showed—hey, no big deal... Now if I play any show it will probably be at some bar, where many people will lose much money. We might all go home having spent too much on drinks, having had a very sad evening... I struggle with the dual imperatives of promoting my music and respecting myself


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