Lost City Music Festival 2

Lost City Music Festival 2

After the success of last year’s festival, the crew behind the Lost City Music Festival decided to aim for focus with the second iteration. This year, the Lost City crew has put a heavier emphasis on local acts and tightly paired billings. The Lost City Music Festival 2013 will be an even better experience than before.

The Lost City Music Festival was founded in part to fill a cultural gap the crew perceived. That is, a low-cost music event featuring a range of styles and a focus on local and regional artists. The crew has continued to listen to the community’s concerns and needs in regards to last year’s music festival and the scene(s) as a whole.

In keeping with that tradition, all performers at the Lost City Music Festival 2013 will be fairly compensated for their contributions. A portion of all sales will continue to benefit local music charities, and artists will be given the option to donate to these charities at their own discretion.

Softly, Dear is a relatively new presence in the rich artistic tradition of the Chippewa Valley. Since their formation in August 2012, the band has worked diligently to make waves in Eau Claire's local music scene. They have performed shows in greater Midwest area since they started playing together and recently released their debut EP Portico. Every member of the band attended school at UW-Eau Claire.

Fort Wilson Riot

As they tumble out of the back of a maroon minivan into clubs, bars, living rooms and festivals across America, Fort Wilson Riot are liable to become a favorite local band, no matter where you live. Splitting their time between unstoppable touring and incessant recording, the Minneapolis-based duo of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis have no shortness of ambition. In their time as a band they have recorded an indie-rock opera, Idigaragua, and performed it with a full cast of actors and dancers, produced and recorded their full length follow-up, Predator/Prey, and dropped singles, remixes and compilations.

Their ambition doesn’t just include themselves, they actively work to promote other bands who become friends and collaborators on the road. Amy & Jacob will often go out with bands who are perhaps making their first attempts at a tour and Fort Wilson Riot has released several of the Wild-Eyed Scientist mixes to spread the word about the great music and musicians they find all across the country and the world!

In their own music, Fort Wilson Riot isn’t just happy to let it stay the same either. Yes, they make great harmonies, with Amy’s soprano lifting and floating over Jacob’s growl and yelp, but there is nothing easily classifiable about the rest of their sound. From the crashing guitars and keys, to the blasting uplift of trumpet and harmonica lines to the dancing thump of electronic drums, Fort Wilson Riot are an energy that grabs a hold of you and takes you on a journey. The music doesn’t let up, and wherever they are, neither do Fort Wilson Riot.

Lovely Socialite

Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps is a Madison/Milwaukee/Ann Arbour-based experimental jazz/rock group. Socialite vacillates between tightly composed pieces and entirely free improvisation, combining aesthetics of modern jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary classical music. Instrumentation includes Trombone, Bass, Cello, Pipa, Vibraphone, and Drums (all amplified and effected with foot pedals and computers).

Lovely Socialite often collaborates with artists–vocalists, electronic musicians, video/installation artists–for various projects.

Regular collaborators include vocalist Anna Slate, guitarist Ben Schapiro, video artist Anna Weisling, and video/installation artist Eric Allin.

“Follow me. We’ll float away. Drifting through the wind,” sing the Bell Monks on the title track of this ambitious, double-disc effort. The band’s music often does just that, moving along as peacefully as a raft adrift on calm ocean waters.


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