Such Gold

Such Gold is about sing-a-longs/gang chants, DIY house shows, pile-ons, rad friends, fast-beats, touring, and having good times with good people.

Come share a garbage plate and a Genny with us.


Turnover is a fast and to the point, punk band based out of Virginia Beach. Their debut self titled EP consists of 5 songs, totaling at just under fourteen minutes. With honest lyrics, and simple but catchy riffs, the EP is solid beginning to end. Turnover is sure to be one of this year's best upcoming bands.


Throughout the history of time bands have formed and broken up. [PLACEHOLDER] looks to history and learns from these mistakes instead regenerating and reformulating into a leaner ass kicking machine time and again.

Formed and fronted by songwriter Myque Peters, [PLACEHOLDER] has morphed from a bedroom recording project in Boston, MA through its first full band incarnation in Tempe, AZ to its current line-up based in Chicago, IL.

Currently comprised of Greg Baker on bass and Brian Doherty on drums this trio is heavy on hooks in 3 minute (or less!) bursts of highly efficient rock. Keep an eye out for [PLACEHOLDER] in 2012 with their infectious crowd favorite F-Bomb and a set loaded with songs about girls, swearing and dressing well.


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