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A melting pot of fine tuned psychedelia. Known to envoke a dream like state.

The Ever After

In order to comprehend reality, we frequently attempt to label time – that was the beginning, this is the end, where was the middle!? We seldom realize that at any given moment we are simply entering The Ever After.

While cruising down the Northway, Dre Black (née Andreas Blachère) was mulling over the sanctity of feedback when a dark figure emerged in the clear blue sky above. With giant wings it glided effortlessly through the air seemingly oblivious to the cars and trucks belching and chugging below. The giant bird was captivating. Where had it come from? Where was it going?

Dre craned to get a better view and the bird appeard to grow larger in his wind shield. It refused to beat its wings or change course – it simply floated, descending lower and lower, until it hovered just in front of Dre's car on the otherwise empty road. For a few moments they were locked in stride, propelled seemlessly forward, jetting into eternity. Despite Dre's attempt to slow down and alter his course, the magnificent bird was steadily drawn to him like a ship in to a vortex. The moment came at last—through a shower of feathers they burst in to The Ever After.

Not Sure. Not Yet

Bright light in the palm of my hand.


Desert rat transplants to San Francisco.

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