Big Monsta

Big Monsta is from Huntington Beach, CA

Jimmy Hua - vocals/guitar
Mike Willson - drums
Adrian Sanchez - bass

Gardeners Logic

Gardeners Logic started out as the solo project of Ian Bailey back in 2008. Two demos were recorded with Mike Willson in his home studio. They were never released. The project took a back seat while Ian joined The Counter Regiment with Mike Willson and Gary Westmoreland. The band gave it a go for three years before deciding to focus more on production and engineering. The three of them opened up Music and Arts Production Studio (MAPS) in Huntington Beach, CA. All along Ian was writing and recording as Gardeners Logic on his laptop. During the winter of 2011 the project inevitably found it’s way out of the bedroom and into the studio where Mike Willson joined the project on drums as well as producer for the first self titled release. Gardeners Logic broke free on the web June 3rd of 2012. The players on the record consisted of friends and local talent including Gary Westmoreland, Chris Rushman, Nate Lown, and Liliana Frandsen, just to name a few. The live band soon took shape with a large rotating line up of friends such as Jimmy Hua (Big Monsta), Gary Westmoreland, Garrett Richenbauch, and Russell Osborne (Those Guys). The band played with anywhere from 5 to 7 players making every show a rowdy and unique experience. After a residency at Costa Mesa’s Detroit Bar they caught the eye of Vince Phung (Sound Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist, producer) who soon took on the role as one of the bands guitarists. After a slew of Local shows the band found it’s niche as a four piece. The line up was Ian Bailey, Mike Willson, Vince Phung, and depending on the date Collin Breedlove or Chris Booke (Swing Cats Big Band, Session Player) on bass. During January of 2013 the band hit the road for a two week west coast tour. The band has since been back in the studio with the line up of Ian Bailey, Mike Willson, and Vince Phung. They currently have the monday night residency for the month of april leading up to their EP release show. They are currently finishing their second release titled “The La Habra EP” that will be released in physical and digital formats on April 29th, 2013. They will tour with Big Monsta June of 2013 in support of both their releases “Gardeners Logic” and “The La Habra EP”.

Long Black Shadows

indie rock band with little ambition, but whole lot of heart.

The Heavy Guilt

The Heavy Guilt is an unlikely blend of divergent influences meeting in the middle to form something raw, fresh and potent. The music is electrified americana, psychedelic blues and driving rock n roll. Based in San Diego, CA, the band is currently recording their second album and capturing the slow burning energy of a Heavy Guilt show. Featuring Josh Rice on the keyboard and Alfred Howard on lyrics and percussion, both former members of the K23 Orchestra. In the center of the band, vocalist Erik Canzona howls with a gritty old soul sandpaper voice. Sean Martin on the electric guitar and Jason Littlefield on upright and electric bass, both jazz virtuosos, utilize their infinite palate to add unique and often explosive layers to the group. And on the kit is Jenny Merullo, holding down a deep solid aggressive pocket.. This six-piece combo are hidden all-stars, disparate masters speaking through the common language of song. These bold players, not yet household names, are driving their stake hard into the soil of great American rock music.

They Heavy Guilt has also recently launched a kickstarter program to let fans fund and be a part of the next record. Kickstarter is a great site if you are looking to catapult local artist to the level beyond. Just follow this link for more information



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