The Role Call

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN and gaining recognition fast since their birth in 2012, The Role Call is a pop rock quintet that is determined to be heard. After working with producers Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, Paradise Fears) and Pat Brown (Sing It Loud), the band put out their debut self-titled EP late spring of 2012. Following the release of their debut EP, The Role Call went on to embark on their first tour, as well as connecting with fans by playing private living room shows. After spending time on the road as well as gaining some recognition from the music scene, The Role Call decided it was time to put out new music. They decided to work with producer Jordan Schmidt again to release their follow-up EP titled “Like I Do” late spring of 2013. Motivated and nothing short of charismatic, each member is both creative and determined to keep the band on its feet and pushing towards the spotlight. Keep an eye out for The Role Call to see when they will be coming through your city.

Jocelyn is a pop/rock band from Iowa City, IA. We chose the name Jocelyn to personify the music and give you a way to connect to a person, not a band. People matter and your story is important to us. Text us at 319.804.9727 and tell us yours.

Jocelyn formed in early 2012 when long-time friends and band mates Alex Wiese (bass) and Landen Boyer (Vocals) wrapped up college. With their degrees in hand, they finally found the time they needed to make a band what it needed to be. They connected with Steve Lydick (Guitar), and immediately recorded their debut EP 'To You And Yours' with producer Kevin Gates.

June came and, along with releasing the album, the trio set out on the road to promote the album, though not in the way you might expect. Jocelyn found tours of similar style and loaded a Honda Civic with CDs and flyers, hitting each and every stop the tours made. Here they were able to connect with fans one-on-one and introduce them to the band on much more personal level. Night after night of peanut butter sandwiches and empty parking lots where they would sleep in reclined car seats, Jocelyn grew their dedicated following.
The band took time in between tours to write and found themselves with their second EP "Storyline" recorded in the early fall. With two tours happening simultaneously they wanted to pursue, Jocelyn enlisted the help of Josh Adams (Guitar/Vocals) to cover more ground.

At the end of six months, the band had now covered over 70,000 miles, promoted at over 170 shows, sold over 5,000 physical albums, released an EP, recorded another, added a member, and amassed a nation-wide fan base.

In January 2013 they set out on the better part of a three month acoustic tour of their own, playing in fan's living rooms throughout the midwest, northeast, and west coast. They also performed their first full-band show to release their 'Storyline' EP and played to a crowd that consisted of fans who traveled from over fifteen states and thousands of collective miles.

As Jocelyn wraps up their three month acoustic tour, they intend to prepare for a much anticipated tour schedule, bringing them back to the fans they love and the friends who have gotten them so far already.

The Strive is breaking ground with a fiery, infectious spin on today’s power-pop vibe that simply must be heard. They named their band The Strive after the fun but intense, forward thinking aesthetic they brought to their 2011 debut EP Anything Goes, the subsequent standalone single Sleepless, and their new EP Design The Road – produced by Matt Noveskey, bassist for the rock band Blue October and rising star in the world of production.
For a group that’s only been around since the winter of 2010 – and debuted its current lineup featuring charismatic frontman Brendan Stevens in March 2011 – The Strive has lived up to its name big time, making spectacular inroads on the indie scene. Besides their formal releases, the home recorded demo track Caught Inside quickly rose to the top of the charts on’s Top Unsigned Bands playlist. In addition to developing a passionate following via explosive performances at KC hotspots like the Beaumont Club and Uptown Theatre, they have performed on bills with Hawthorne Heights, Ivoryline, Madina Lake and Hey Monday; shared the stage with All Time Low and Yellowcard at The Rave in Milwaukee, played shows in Dallas, Austin, the Springboard South Festival in Houston; were featured at the Red, White & Boom concert, put on by hit radio station Mix 93.3 at KC’s Starlight Theatre, that also included performances by superstars Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw. Lastly, their more recent gig in Kansas City on the Warped Tour, one day before the release of Design The Road.
Considering that Stevens, band founders Luke Davis (lead guitar) and Nick Stacy (drums), Greg Dowd (rhythm guitar) and Michael Zenk (bass) are only 19 and 20 years old, one of the things that pleasantly surprises people is how mature and polished they are as songwriters and performers. With heartfelt, very personal lyrics by Stevens and music by Davis, Dowd and Stacy, the songs on Design The Road reveal writers that are deep thinkers and artists whose powerhouse performances are genuine and original, but have an irresistible commercial appeal. While they worked on Anything Goes with producer Kevin Gates (Nevershoutnever, The Ready Set) from Engaged Audio in Springfield, Missouri, they opted this time to head to Test Tube Audio in Austin to work with Noveskey.
Stacy notes, “All the guys believe that it’s always good to change up who you work with in the studio on different releases, which leads to a fresh approach. We like our first EP a lot, but we didn’t want Design The Road to sound the same. We’re all big fans of Blue October and you can definitely hear their influence on some of these new tracks. Matt took the demos we had and brought them to the next level. We like the sonic ideas we came up with when we first wrote the songs, and he put the delectable icing on the cake. Sometimes it’s even more than that … Luke and I created the essential sonic experimentation and ambience on the closing track On Top of the World, but the big beefy outro was all Matt’s idea. He took our sound, developed it, and helped us to mature. Our time with Matt in Austin was a turning point for the band.”
In addition to Stevens’ soaring, emotional vocals, the two things that immediately hit listeners who are new to The Strive experience are Davis’ blistering electric guitar fire and Stacy’s deep and versatile drum grooves, which are propulsive to the point of wild hypnosis. The band goes for the jugular from the get go in the song, On My Own – a super high energy power-pop explosion which finds Stevens being haunted by naysaying ghosts, but finally declaring his place by himself at the front of the stage after a transitional time in the band’s brief but colorful history.
The spatial and atmospheric intro to Design The Road – the EP’s first single and soon to be shot video – gives way to a speedy percussive groove and scorching chorus punctuated by Dowd’s jangly rhythm guitar. The third track Hold Me Back brings more energy and intensity to the table after a mid-tempo mainstream pop/rock start; it finds Stevens entangled in troubled romantic relationships, trying not to make irrational decisions. The sonically diverse, atmosphere and effects rich closer, On Top of the World is … well, not only a great place to strive for, but a distinct possibility for a young band on the creative move.
The Strive’s origin story is one that could only take place in the later 2000s. In his early-teens, Stacy had amassed over 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube page recording drum covers of contemporary Top 40 hits. To date, he has over 5,082,432 hits and is approaching 15,000 subscribers. One of the early fans of this page was guitarist Davis, and the two began corresponding, becoming friends over their mutual musical goals, and ultimately starting a band when they were around 15 years old. There were some hiccups on the personnel end in the early stages, but ultimately the chemistry the two shared extended to the other Kansas City natives who joined forces to create The Strive.
Stacy notes, “It started out with Luke and I just writing and recording demos that were intriguing and catchy. We had a certain writing chemistry that allowed us to knock out demos one after the other. We basically lived in my studio in the basement during high school. A few years later, we got in touch with Brendan, through a friend of ours, and the rest just sort of fell into place. Brendan has been a performer his whole life and definitely has the charisma of a commanding frontman, but has an approachable presence. He came up with the name based on the idea that everyone should be striving for something – and it’s how the band operates. If we don’t constantly have new goals and new plans, we wouldn’t be able to keep up the momentum.”
Stacy adds, “What’s fun and cool is that up until recently, there was still a lot of development going on because we were working toward locating our musical niche. The drive to constantly evolve is so ridiculously strong that it’s just never going to stop. The songs on Design the Road, however, reflect the band in many ways because musically, we feel like we have a sound and identity we can call our own and further develop. We’re looking forward to touring and sharing our love for music with as many people as possible.” Lastly, he says, “We have new stuff in the works. We just wrote a new song last night … that’s three this week.”

The Royal

Bursting out from Milwaukee, WI with a bang comes the pop rock hybrid The Royal. Formed from the ashes of Mechanical Kids and Take the Day, this supergroup is showing to be very promising for 2013. Look for addictive melodies, aggressive beats, and fat synth lines that'll leave you craving more and more.

Josh Clutter

I hope these lyrics I have written can relate to you in some way, shape, or form. I am not a perfect person and these words are just life experiences that I have learned from. I don't have any answers to life's questions, but I will tell you that I am here to help you in whatever you're going through, because we all have to face life! 🙂

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