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Spirit System

Spirit System was established in late 2012 when Eric Gilstrap (Telltale/Clouder/Elevator Action) left Brooklyn for his native NC in search of his longtime collaborator Laurie Ruroden (Telltale/Elevator Action). Interested in pursuing unfinished ideas and eager to explore new sonic horizons, the duo's complicity came naturally and soon bedroom demos came to light. Within a few short weeks the recordings attracted the attention of NC perennial, Marty Rogers (Love Craft/Japan Air/Wilde Blood). Intrigued by the duo's use of ecstatic reverb, unnatural distortions and a knack for cavernous vocal hooks, Marty helped speed up the transformation of Spirit System from recording duo to a full band. Fast Forward >>> After the debut performance, drummer Scott Brandenburg (Wilde Blood / Love Craft) joined the band, adding to Spirit System's already snowballing canyon of sound. Fiercely independent and unhindered by sensational trends, Spirit System find themselves drenched in gloomy psych/wave with post-punk machinations ...together in the merciful dark.

Heaven is a collaboration from New Yorkers Matt Sumrow (The Comas, Dean and Britta), Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep, Swervedriver), and Ryan Lee Dunlap (Fan-Tan). They have put their own stamp on psychedelia and new wave, giving a nod to the artists they have respected and played with, while also creating something modern and unique. Heaven's debut LP will be out July 2013 on Goodnight Records


Indie/post punk band from Charlotte, North Carolina.



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