Part Time, Sam Flax

Captivating bedroom pop with a karaoke video/soft haze filter on it that collapses the textural dimensions of music to an appealing, shiny finish. The music of Part Time owes a debt to '80s movie scores, neon lights, fog machines and nightlife, a generous sampling of New Romance in a post-capitalist world, its heart going out to everyone who hasn't abandoned their silk shirts in favor of more practical attire. The home studio shell and canned dynamics of Part Time quickly dissolve to reveal some serious jammers in the midst, the image of a man pouring his heart out into the psychotropic fronds of the lounge at the Venusian Holiday Inn. Pour yourself a yard of liquid acid and float along.

Sam Flax

Sam Flax might have been the most impressive new band on the bill, a post-Hawkwind synthy Numan-wave band with two keyboards, a drum machine, and a couple guitars—and they looked as good as they sounded, with a poncho-clad bassist looking like Ariel Pink's taller brother, and a blond male guitarist/singer wearing a multi-colored windbreaker and Kim Fowley's cheek makeup. His female co-singer on keys looked pretty bad-assed too, with a futuristic funnel of hair on top of her head: I couldn't get a proper photo of her, so I'll just post this similar photo of Sean Young from Blade Runner.

Ruby Pins

Born out of the dreams and hard work of Lillian Maring (of Grass Widow).


"Goddamn great pop music from West Coaster Chris McVicker. Some might say these ten songs have a bedroom mentality but Swiftumz seems to be the type who'd build a bedroom in the recording studio instead, and do his sleeping and late night eating and his drug consumption in there for a few weeks until it got the funk of his life all over it; only then could the music on Don't Trip feel this lived in and this subtly winning. He's got the conviction and the confidence to sell this music. While it's built of the trappings of today (mid-fi home recording quality, dependence on synthesizers, kinda 'gazey and understated), the songs he's written here stand with some of the finest that've sat on this turntable in some time." --still single



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Part Time, Sam Flax with Ruby Pins, Swiftumz

Friday, August 16 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Chapel