Abe Reid and the Spikedrivers

Abe Reid is an artist in the truest sense; he got it honest and delivers it just the same. Having gained national attention and a Subpop Records recording contract with The Blue Rags, Abe Reid has been there and lived to tell about it. He tells it so well in fact that he won the International Blues Competition as a solo artist in 1999. His songs are real and delivered in a style all his own.

Filthy Still

Filthy Still started as a solo act on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island by frontman Jesse Roderick in the year 2008. After a few solo tours of mostly house partys and basement shows, Filthy Still was brought to a whole new level when drummer Jeremy Garland, banjo player Matt Olson and bassist Mike Walker all joined the band. On July 13th, 2010, they played there first "official" show as a full band with The Goddamn Gallows at Club Hell in Providence. Eventually, Artie Elmer joined the band playing his own style of 2 string washtub bass. they continued to play small clubs all over the Northeast and quickly started to gain recognition for there unique "Americana Punk" sound. After playing the 2010 Coney Island Rockabilly Fesival, they were offered an 8-week tour with Charlotte, NC's Hick'ry Hawkin's & The Panty Sniffers, an offer they could not pass down.

On December 12th, 2010, washboard player, backing vocalist, and Brother, Dylan Wolk, unexpectedly passed away in his sleep after the band played a show in there hometown of Providence. His untimely death nearly put the band to rest. After a couple months of not playing, the band decided to stay together and come back stronger than ever, in honor of Dylan. His spirit will forever be carried on thoughout the band, and his voice and screams can be heard on numerous tracks of there debut album, "All Bottled Up" which will be released in the spring of 2011.

On February 22nd, 2011, Filthy Still set out for there first tour with friends Hick'ry Hawkin's & The Panty Sniffers. 8 weeks on the road. The tour started out all around the Northeast with a rough start and ended down in South Florida 2 months later, and ended up being very successful. They have continued to tour almost non stop for there first year as a band and they will be playing on the Coney Island Cockabilly Road Show and traveling cross country starting in September of 2011. Look for Filthy Still in a city near



18 up - Additional $5 surcharge for under 21 collected at door. Line up and set times subject to change.

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