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DoubleO & the Bay Area Bad Girlz
Musically inclined and known to be lyrically impressive Double O represents the female Movement. Double O & the Bay Area Bad Girlz, "bad not meaning bad but bad meaning good!", was her first project; an Indie CD compilation which was nominated in 3 Rap field and 1 Gospel field on the 2011 Preliminary Grammy Ballot! . Double O & the Bay Area Bad Girlz are building community unity, with strong, Popular, Hip-Hop/ R&B music Compilations! Franchising into a recognizable "Brand" Double O & the BABG are like a female Wu-Tang. Founded by solo artist Double O the compilation features solo artists: Suga-T, Ms. Lacy, Amina Harris, DeJa Voo, Dynamic Duo, Ms. Moka, Danja, Diamond Girlz, Ms. Jade, Maddaline Boulding, & LaToya Gains. Double O brings people together, she tours, sell cd's, and fundraise independently & with other BABG solo artists. Double O & the Bay Area Bad Girlz social, political, analytical, female perspective on life; especially, in the Urban, Hip-Hop Culture make Double O interestingly, intriguing! Whether you are 12 to 72, male or female, poor or rich, enjoy the talents of Double O. Currently Double O is performing with the Womean Entertainers Against Violence Everywhere (W.E.A.V.E) Project Tour: "Mic Queens", Founded by Suga-T. Keeping it real on the activist tip, remeber to vote, and spread awareness of the Music & Sports Crisis in High Schools Nationwide. Double O is accepting Sponsors, Ventures, and College Clubs interested in Sponsoring an event, Bookings are made with Double O directly Contact: Omolara Amarant:
(707)-567-4847 /office cell. only1oo@yahoo.com



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