Cosmic Psychos

The Cosmic Psychos are a punk rock band based in Melbourne and rural Victoria in Australia. An underground band that has only ever achieved limited recognition, they were cited as a significant influence on the Seattle grunge scene of 90s. In particular they have been referenced by members of Mudhoney and Pearl Jam and have supported both bands. Known for their droning, fuzzed-out bass and wah-wah guitar with repetitive lyrics, the Cosmic Psychos have a simple sound that works well in context and remained largely untouched since they formed in 1982 when they evolved from the short lived Bum Steers and first achieved notoriety for their demo ‘Custom Credit’ which received enormous airplay on Melbourne public radio station 3PBS.

It was later released on the Down On The Farm mini LP for Mr Spaceman Records which also released their debut LP. The band later moved to Survival Records releasing Go The Hack which was later licensed to Sub Pop Records. They eventually signed to Amphetamine Reptile Records for the American market for their 1991 album, Blokes You Can Trust. Production duties were handled by the then little-known producer, Butch Vig, fresh from completing Nirvana's Nevermind. "Blokes You Can Trust" introduced a song that became an enduring fan favourite, "Dead Roo", which shed light on some Australian highway hazards.

The band went on to release Self Totalled and Oh What a Lovely Pie. In 2006, after a lengthy quiet period, the Psychos issued Off Ya Cruet on Sydney’s Timberyard Records. Notable for being recorded with a new drummer, the title track on album is Kill Bill, a bitter song for ex-drummer, Bill Walsh.

The band was also covered by UK band The Prodigy who released a version of "Fuel My Fire" co written with L7 which was largely based on a previous Cosmic Psychos tune "Lost Cause".

Known for their hard drinking behaviour and vulgar lyrics, the Cosmic Psychos are one of the defining bands of the yob rock genre, a movement that celebrates the Australian male lifestyle. Other bands include The Onyas, The Vee Bees and ThundaBox.

Claw Hammer

This is the only Los Angeles gig for the once again re-formed Claw Hammer prior to appearing at the Drive Like Jehu curated ATP festival in Wales.

The Echo show will feature the return of Rob Walther on bass who was in the bands longest running lineup and has not performed with Claw Hammer since his exit almost 20 years ago!

Formed in 1986, Claw Hammer was one of the LA independent rock scene’s most celebrated and respected bands. Their string of five original albums between 1990 and 1997 – four of them produced by Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz - reveals a caustic combination of Beefheart-flavored bluesy disconnection delivered with the manic twin-guitar roar of the MC5, topped by Jon Wahl’s howling vocals. Acclaimed for its ferocious live shows, which the group took across America with such touring partners as Mudhoney, Rocket From The Crypt, L7, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Geraldine Fibbers, the Cows and the Lunachicks, they were a mainstay in the clubs of eastern Los Angeles throughout the 1990s.

The sound most commonly associated with the band is one that includes dueling guitar interplay from Wahl (the trebly, jittery one) and Chris Baggarozzi (the warm, fuzzy one), underpinned by the taut, complex rhythms of bassist Rob Walther and drummer Bob Lee, and Wahl’s unmistakable, unrestrained vocalizations. Once described as a “post-punk Zeppelin”, the band strove to expand their sound in the studio, adding keyboards, horns, even Optigons, and that experimental side made its powerful statement on the group’s final album, Hold Your Tongue (And Say Apple), produced by legendary Memphian Jim Dickinson. The group also released two cover projects for Sympathy For The Record Industry, the first being a remake of Devo’s debut album in its entirety, the other tackling jazz standards (“Caravan”, “All Blues”).

No announcements have been made regarding the set list, wardrobe, or drink preferences, but fans are advised to prepare for any and all possibilities, including total apocalypse.

$12.00 - $14.00


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