Bill Thomason - Carolyn's Mother Drummer

This is a special acoustic early-evening, family-friendly set (All kiddos are welcome!) especially for those of you who would like to share your love of art and music with your family! This event was inspired by the artist and drummer for Carolyn's mother, Bill Thomason who's artists showcase is running in conjunction with the 20 year reunion show the night before. .

Bill is a Denver based visual artist best known for his large scale canvases. He works in both the natural-realism and abstract genres.

He's participated in several group shows and 3 solo exhibits to date.

His artwork was also used as the album cover for the Carolyn's Mother album Fridays and other small tragedies, released in 1995.

Mr. Thomason studied at CCD/Metro/UCD from 1990-1996, with a focus on painting.

He has also been involved in the Denver music scene for many years. Playing drums for several bands including Carolyn's Mother and most recently Ten Cent Redemption. He has also been a Dj since the mid 90's and has held weekly residencies at several of Denvers iconic EDM clubs such as Synergy, Rock Island, Amsterdam and Snake Pit to name a few.

Carolyn's Mother

After Garnering critical raves, fans galore, and CD sales of over 10,000 (all without a net or a recording contract) Denver-based Carolyn's Mother - Rhett Lee (vocals), Drew Hodgson (guitar), Colin T. Burke (bass) and Bill Thomason (drums) - was nearly legendary throughout the West and Midwest for introducing a sound and style only previously heard from the likes of international touring bands – a brand of rough-around-the-edges Britpop that echoed 80s acts like The Cure and 90s Brit-breakouts Oasis, Blur and James.

In the nearly thirteen years before the band 'retired' in October 2004, Carolyn's Mother became regional heroes, playing to full houses across the country.


Rexway is a band that formed back in the spring of 1999. After playing with numerous bands around the country, the three founding members wound up in Fort Collins, Colorado. Skot Lain, Mike Mitchell, and Chris Dockter calculated a sound unheard in today's musically cloned society. Breaking away from the norm, Rexway has combined their roots in country, metal, and punk to create a style completely unique in genre. After several attempts at finding the missing members needed to complete the project, the search was over. In July of 2000, after recording two CD's, and being featured on two movies currently being distributed by Fox Racing, along with playing a continuous string of shows, Rexway welcomed Susan Phelan on bass, and brought back their original drummer Craig Dubin. At present you can catch Rexway on tour throughout Colorado and Wyoming. If you are looking for a live performance that will kick your ass then this is the show for you!

$5.00 - $7.00


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