Vader is a Polish death metal band from Olsztyn, formed in 1983. According to Piotr Wiwczarek, the band's founding singer and guitar player, the band's name was inspired by Darth Vader from the Star Wars film series. Lyrical themes include stories by H. P. Lovecraft, WW2, horror and anti-religious messages. According to Billboard magazine, from 2003 Vader sold over 500,000 releases around the world

Vital Remains

Vital Remains is an American death metal band from Providence, Rhode Island formed in 1988.

Sacrifial Slaughter

Formed in 2001 by vocalist Steve Worley, Sacrificial Slaughter has spent the last decade proving themselves to be one of the most dominating underground acts from the United States. With label support by Crash Music Inc. in 2009 Sacrificial Slaughter released their label debut full-length entitled "Spontaneous Suicide." Multiple North American and European tours would follow along side legendary a...cts such as MASTER, PESTILENCE, VITAL REMAINS & many more.

Extremely Rotten

Extremely Rotten formed in 2009 by Juan Campo on drums, Jim Greco (wurgarg) on guitar, and Mario Antolines on vocals, after 2 months Mario had to leave and Franz Huffman joined on vocals, 4 months later the self titled demo was recorded and self released and was distributed by sevared records, with Jim Ross on studio guitars, the band played several shows all over florida, in 2010 Franz left the band and was replaced by Chris Gaines also Chris Mason joined on guitars, the band kept working on the writing process for their full length, and toured the east coast from florida to NYC and in mid 2011 , Mike Shaw joined on guitars and Cliff Newkirk on bass, the band played several shows and played the goregrowlers ball 2011 with Shawn Whitaker(viral load) filling in on vocals, after that performance the band got asked to play las vegas death fest 2012 and got signed to Show No Mercy records, in 2012 the band toured the summer from florida to las vegas, shortly after Michael Pinkard joined the band, in august 2012 the band entered the studio and recorded their first full length "grotesque acts of humanity" and for the album Both Jim Greco and Jim Ross recorded the guitars, Mike Shaw the bass, Michael Pinkard recorded the vocals and Juan on drums, the album was mastered by James Murphy(Death, Testament, Obituary) and was released february 8 2013 now the line up stands with Mike Shaw on guitars, Juan on drums and Michael on vocals, the band is writing their second album and will be on tour stating fall 2013!.


Execration is endorsed by Jackson Guitars, Vader Cabs, AHK Guitars, and Krank Amps. We are releasing our third album "Acceptance Of Zero Existence" through Unique Leader Records sometime by the end of October.




Featuring members of Mortal Decay, this Philadelphia based death metal band formed in the Summer of 2005. In the face of many changes and ups and downs, we are striving to produce our most diverse and punishing brand of metal than ever before. Our focus is to constantly improve every aspect of the music, through complex string work, blistering percussion and brutal vocals. We aspire to evolve and progress into a force that will break boundaries, redefine genres, and turn heads in the metal community for many years to come.

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