John Peel Nite with a live tribute to The Television Personalities (by Sea Lions) and The Wedding Present (by Heathers)

Part Time Punks

$8 - $10


Part Time Punks pays tribute to John Robert Parker Ravenscroft...aka JOHN PEEL...the world's greatest DJ and one of the most important musical taste-makers of the 1970s, 80s, 90s and up until his passing on October 25, 2004... And we do this in inimitable PTP form...first of all, by having live tributes to two of Peelie's favourite bands, THE TELEVISION PERSONALITIES (by PTP faves, The Sea Lions) and THE WEDDING PRESENT (performed by Heathers). Secondly, you'll get to hear ONLY Peel Sessions all nite long on the dance floor! And make sure you tune into the PART TIME PUNKS radio show in coming weeks for a whole bunch of extremely rare Peel Sessions that have been piling up here at PTP HQ and haven't been shared with a soul...including dozens of rare & unreleased tracks that haven't been heard since their first airings some decades ago...

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