Jet Life Presents: The Red Eye Tour, Young Roddy, Corner Boy P, Fiend

Young Roddy

Corner Boy P

Corner Boy P is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based hip-hop artist and rapper.

"There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it's the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson." No truer words can be spoken of Louisiana recording artist, producer, writer, and entrepreneur, Fiend. Already boasting two gold records, a Grammy nomination, a successful independent record label, a lucrative management company, a boutique clothing line and a burgeoning film company, Fiendcontinues to drive his career to new heights. With plans for multiple releases alongside his Jetlife brethren and a green-lit motion picture release planned in conjunction with Jetlife Films, 2013 proves to be an instrumental year in the career of the renowned Louisiana recording artist, Fiend aka International Jones.

When asked how Fiend maintains the drive and passion required to fuel his sustained career success, his reply is straight to the point. "I do this to provide for my family because I have to. Secondly, I must advance my legacy as an artist, musician and entrepreneur. I want to push the envelope and show the world that there are still artists out here who can record cutting edge music that is rooted in the past, standing in the present while branching out into the future." It is this sentiment that has taken this Hollygrove, New Orleans native to unprecedented heights for nearly twenty years.

Fiend began his career as a teenager, landing a gig free-styling on New Orleans's hottest radio station, Q-93 FM. Fiend quickly became a voice of New Orleans, and was signed to a local record label where he released his debut LP,The Baddest Mutha Alive. The record instantly became a regional classic and is still a record that is still highly sought after by collectors of New Orleans hip hop. Regrettably, Fiend's tenure with his first label was cut short when the label folded, leaving Fiend without a home until 1997, when he inked a game-changing deal with Master P's No Limit Records.

During his tenure with No Limit Records, Fiend appeared on over 20 gold and platinum No Limit albums including his two solo full length releases, the There's One in Every Family, and Street Life. Both albums achieved Gold status, and vaulted Fiend into the spotlight as one of the most influential Southern rappers in the game.

In addition to his talents as a recording artist, Fiend also contributed writing credits for various No Limit acts including, Master P. After years of continued success as an artist, writer and developer of talent for No Limit Records, Fiend felt that a major change was necessary. With multiple options on the table, Fiend opted to leave No Limit to take full creative control of his career and create his own independent record label, FE Entertainment. FE Entertainment provided the opportunity Fiend needed to expand his musical horizons and reap the full financial benefits of his work. The loyal fanbase that Fiend had built afforded him the opportunity to build his own empire, and begin to foster the careers of other around him. "After leaving No Limit, it was only right to start a company to further my art for me and others. The experience I had gained as an artist put me in a position to be able to develop new acts while still maintaing control of my own future."

Under the banner of FE Entertainment, Fiend released five albums totaling over 300,000 units sold independently. Chief among his indie releases is the LP, The Headbussas Vol. 1, a famed collaboration project featuringFiend with 3-6 Mafia's DJ Paul and Juicy J). On the shoulders of the the lead single from the record, "That's How It Happen to Em", the record sold over 190,000 Soundscan units independently. His underground compilation projects, Can I Burn Vol. 1 and Can I Burn Vol. 2, have both sold over 40,000 Soundscan units and counting. The Go Hard or Go Home compilation introduced Corner Boy P, a known member of the Jetlifefamily, to the world and the subsequent LP, The Addiction, garnered Fiend accolades as a producer.

Corner Boy P's talents and drive have never gone unnoticed to Fiend which ultimately led him to sign Corner Boy P to the FE Entertainment label. "Mousa and I always used to say, if we had a thousand Corner Boy's, we would take over the world."

After independently selling hundreds of thousands of records worldwide, Fiend landed a publishing deal with Mike Caren of Atlantic Records. Caren immediately introduced Fiend to producer Jim Jonsin and the two wroteTwister's hit single entitled "Girl Tonight.", which landed on the top ten on the Billboard Singles charts. Fiend also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Single for Lil Wayne's Don't Get It (Misunderstood) from the classic LP, The Carter III. Fiend continued to work with Caren and Atlantic Records as A&R and a writer for Atlantic where, according to Fiend, he "discovered a lot of talent and made a lot people wealthy."

In 2002, Fiend made his next move and formed the management firm Street Customs Management with his childhood friend Mousa Hamden. Ten years later, the firm boasts one of the most impressive rosters in hip hop including Fiend, Curren$y, Corner Boy P, Young Roddy, Monsta Beatz, Rocky Diamonds and the Jetlife Crew. Fiend's move to start Street Customs Management with Hamden deemed to be a lucrative one. TheJetlife Team soon became one of the most heralded crews in hip hop in the late 2000's, on the shoulders of the success of Curren$y.

"He is just an honest, driven, compassionate dude who cares for the people around him. We share the same ideas and drive and have committed to continue to grow and take over the world together. And that's what we're doing…"

– Fiend speaking of Curren$y

Fiend not only experienced success, once again, as a developer of talent, but also as an artist and performer with the Jetlife Crew. In the past two years, Fiend has released numerous mixtapes with mass fanfare, including the Iron Chef, Smoking Champagne, and Tennis Shoes and Tuxedoes. Featuring multiple features from classic hip-hop artists and his Jetlife family, these releases maintain a highly coveted spot in any Jetlife fan's playlist.

In addition, Street Customs Management handled management responsibilities Beats How U Want'm, a production team who have produced tunes for Flo-Rida, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Bobby Valentino andHurricane Chris.

In 2010, Street Customs Management was instrumental in organizing all three of the Smokers Club North American tours and all of the Jetlife North American and European tours. With the fanbase continuing to grow rapidly, the tours all experienced a 90%+ sellout rate, with stops at the finest 1000-2000 capacity clubs and theaters around the world. Street Customs Management organizes at least two tours per year for the Jetlife team, and has an extensive record of sellout performances around the country.

In 2011, Fiend once again took steps to diversify his career by introducing a line of designer t-shirts, Sleepy Bear T's. "Sleepy Bears is an option of fresh for cool people," says Fiend. "When you wear Sleepy Bear Clothing you never compromise your fresh." Currently, Sleepy Bear can be purchased at fine clothing boutiques around the world and has sold out of it's past two seasonal lines. A highly anticipated new line from Sleepy Bear T's is expected to be released in the early 2013 Spring season.
Moving into 2013, Fiend is set to continue his efforts to release, what he feels to be, the most dynamic music of his career. With new additions to his discography and a new apparel line already scheduled to drop for early 2013, Fiend is already on pace to make 2013 his most prosperous year yet.



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