The Ricecookers

THE RICECOOKERS is a Japanese rock band formed in 2004 in Boston by Tomomi Hiroishi (Vocalist), Kota Fujii (Lead Guitar), and Daisuke Wakabayashi (Bass) and later joined by Sohei Oyama (Drums). They met at the prestigious Berklee College of Music where they were classically trained and perfected their musical skills. For 6 years, they performed at countless venues in Boston such as Paradise Rock... Club, Harpes Ferry, Middle East Downstaris, and Great Scott. From 2006 to 2010, they were a regular bill at The Irish Pub as the headliner gaining a large fan base.

In 2007, they entered the worldwide music contest, EMERGENZA, and finished as semifinalist for the Massachusetts State Finals, drawing media attention as the first Japanese band to become a finalist.

In January 2010, THE RICECOOKERS made their debut with an EP "Four of Our Songs"; produced by Shunji Okada Zazou Productions, Inc. and released by Bowinman Music Group. The EP is available in Japan as well as in the United States.

Following a successful 2-week tour in Tokyo, THE RICEOOKERS moved to New York City and regularly perform at renowned venues such as Arlene's Grocery, R Bar, The Knitting Factory, Ace of Clubs, Don Hill's, and The Fontana's to name a few.

Now they set their home town in New York, but often tour in Japan.

Kagero's sound is a melting pot of tonalities and rhythms from Asia,
the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe -- "Cultural
Confusion". Sometimes the songs are beautiful imagery, sometimes sad
folk tales, and sometimes silly songs about drinking. But the tunes
are always fun, and the show is high energy dancing good time.
"Kagero's world music goulash is very tasty -- even if you don't
always know what's you're eating."

"Rooted in uplifting elements from eclectic origins, "Japanese Gypsy
Rock" unites Kagero's musical influences and talents into a
cross-culture dance party." by Meijin Bruttomesso, The Deli Magazine

Shane Palko

i was adopted. Maybe. My older brothers told me that they found me, living naked under a log in the woods of Pennsylvania. They took me home and convinced my mum to let them keep me. i now doubt the authenticity of most of this account, although i do fiercely cling to my affinity for my native Pennsylvania. My first instrument was the kazoo. i wrote 7 songs on guitar when i was 6 years old. Then, i quit playing guitar cause my super-arsesome brother made fun of me in front of his cool friends for my strange style. Anyhow, life is a confusing thing, and music helps me make sense of it. Well, that i not true; i would like to officially retract that statement, but i will still leave it for you to read, because it seems true. Nothing makes sense, but music is one of the few places where that is permissible.
When i was 8, i saw a kindly, beardly man playing a drumset made of buckets in Baltimore. Something broke in the atmosphere that night. From that time on, i was the plight of my pop's tool shop. i was a chubby, little bucket-stashing rat. i went home and made myself a bucket drumset. On the center garbage can, i spray-painted "BS," which stood for "bucket set," of course. Music has been a way of life ever since i was young. In recent years, i have hit the byways by way of the melody. A lot of my songs are about traveling. i have kicked around Southern Africa and crossed North America with friends made by my silly, home-seeking songs. i have released two official albums, one of which is available on iTunes. It’s called "Going Places." You may hear that title and think it to be some silly proclamation of big dreams. Nope. It is more of an observation; i like to go places. i like to be places. It is not named for some deep-seated desire for a successful musical career. i already have that. You know how i know my music is successful? My grandad recently told me that he uses my first album, "Pretty Good Songs: Volume VII" as his alarm clock every morning!

Our Wrecked Machine

Five extremely old dudes from Delaware playing the shitty pop-punk music that they grew up listening to.
OWM started as a group of good friends who just wanted to write and play the style of music they grew up on. Influenced by bands like New Found Glory, Saves The Day, Fairweather, The Movielife, The Ataris, they set out to write pop punk they way they remembered. Currently, the band is focusing on writing and eventually recording a record.
Imagine 25 year old kids who refuse to fully grow up making music. Pop Punk mixed with rock.
Band Interests
Whiskey, PBR, and good music


Five dudes in their late twenties broin' down and playing pop punk. Basements was started in 2011 as a writing outlet for Justin Shaw. Two years and three drummers later the band is finally ready to share their work.



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